Acrylic/Watercolor/Mixed Media painting – ONLINE

Instructor: Heather Smith-Levin

Ages: 9-11, 12-18, Adult

Course Cost: $90//person, $60/sibling

Payment Options: Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal:
If Venmo:

Course Description:

Online – Acrylic Painting Beginners & Intermediate – Canvas, Paper and Wood (Heather Smith-Levin)
Ages: 10+
Cost: $90/person
Siblings are $60/person
Payment forms: Venmo or PayPal.
Venmo or PayPal is

Contact me at 215-779-946 9 or HEATHERTSL

Come paint with us! Any skill level welcome.
Those of you who are returning, we will be expanding our skills! Those who are new will learn with us just fine.
This is my favorite semester because of all the fall paintings we can make.
Each week we will be creating new art to take home. As this is a zoom class this semester, we may be able to spend 2 weeks on a class to make sure it is just right.
We will learn basics about colors and mixing. Also valuable for any skill level.
Our paintings will be brand new this semester. We will still vary in our paintings from beaches to mountains and sunsets, animals, flowers and more. Also! Several pieces will be created around different themes and holidays (Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter Holidays, etc.)
Parents and kids can also paint canvases that join together (just ask me about this).
**I will have an economical materials list of all things you will need for this class. I will include links where I can.
***I will be missing one class this semester, this absence has been worked into the overall price of the class.***

***I would also like to arrange a field trip one weekend to the Dali Museum. Some or all of the price of the ticket is included in cost of class***