Against the Tide of the Pirate King (Original Story)

Instructor: Jose Fuentes

Ages: 12-18

Course Cost: $70 for 10 sessions

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Course Description:

Within the area known as the Middle Islands, sits the Free Cities of Vosika, Lonia, and Somila. It is these
cities that have fallen under the gaze of the mysterious figure known simply as the Pirate King. It is the
forces of this figure that assaulted the city of Vosika and sent your crew on the run from the encroaching
It is as you are fleeing the Pirate King's Reavers that the adventure begins. Rallying from the assaults of
the Pirate King, the players must rally together the other free cities to lay siege to Vosika and regain the
city before the Pirate King's forces can regroup and move on to their next target! System: GURPS 4e Ages 11+