Art & Artifacts

Instructor: Heather Mostardi

Ages: 6-8, 9-11

Course Cost: $60 + $30 supplies fee

Payment Options: Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal:

Course Description:

This is a fun “hands-on” multicultural experience where we will make ceremonial art as well as artifacts to display and use! We’ll explore roots, designs and traditions found in the art and artifacts from different parts of the world. It’s fun to experience cultures different from your own and helps us grow to understand one another through the unique expressions of art! There are so many different groups of people living here on this earth, each with a rich cultural identity and language all it’s own! I’ve always been fascinated with different cultures and studied a lot about them. I’m excited to expand and share my knowledge! I am open to any age range for this class but please use your own judgement because we will be using some tools that may require help from a nearby adult. I’m looking forward to sharing these great traditions and cultures with you!