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Arp Laszlo


Bay Hurst

I’m 16 years old and I will be teaching the anime class along with Arp Lazlo. I have been part of LOL for 1 year now. I was a participant in last spring’s anime class and helped Arp teach the class over the summer. I have a passion for all things anime and manga. I […]


Jose Manuel Discua Fuentes

Jose has been working with Heroic Health Group providing online camps and activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jose is also an instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu, teaching both kids and adults over 9 years. Over the past 3 years he has run Dungeons and Dragons, and GURPS games, running different genres of play from […]


Hillary Miller – Heroic Health Group

Hillary Miller has 21 years of experience as an educator and her whole life as a nerd. Her first cosplay was Princess Leia when she was still a toddler and her first LARP was Vampire the Masquerade with the creators. She is a multi-hyphenate artist-actor-educator-sous chef-writer-and all around “Jane of all trades”. Hillary likes to […]


Jodi Ann Baudean

I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. I was a troop leader with Camp Fire for over 10 years. Both of my children were home educated. My son is now 23 and my daughter is 15. We are child-led/unschooly people. I have taught many different class subjects over the last 30 […]


Improv for role playing

Want to take your games to the next level? Want to have a more dynamic gaming session whether it’s Dungeons and Dragons or Minecraft? Take this fun class to learn how to improv, that is live out loud without any preparation or prior experience necessary. It’s time to level up! This is also a great way to work on public speaking skills.


History’s Most Evil

Good versus evil is a common thread throughout history. From the beginning of recorded time, there’s plenty of evil (and good) to go around. History Detectives will look at history’s most INFAMOUS evildoers from Caligula, Vlad the Impailer, to Ivan the Terrible and Bloody Mary. From Ilsa Koch, Pol Pot, to John Wilkes Booth and Osama bin Laden…just to name a few. With the backdrop of history, we’ll examine who they were and what drove these men and woman to put their evil stamp on history. We’ll counter balance that history with the heroes we have all come to admire such as Abraham Lincoln, Ann Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King. There will be a class project and Showcase presentation.


How To Be A Songwriter

Do you love music and long to contribute to the most exciting and pretentious of humanity’s artistic disciplines? Have you always had a song in your heart but struggled to come up with lyrics to match? Do you love writing poetry but find that nobody wants to read it and always asks you to sing it instead? Do you find yourself struck by torrential darkness deep inside and thunderous envy when you watch another person perform or write music? Then it sounds like you might wanna learn how to write a song!

In this class, we’ll learn the basics of how to play the ukulele, write chord progressions that sound good, give constructive feedback to our peers, and arrange songs in the chorus-verse-chorus structure used by 99% of modern music. We’ll listen to examples from throughout music history, learn how to write melodies, and how to tell stories in our lyrics with exposition, conflict, and resolution.


Math Foundations Beginning Algebra

Learn all about variables and their relationships! We will solve for x and learn everything linear. Students should already know multiplication, fractions, and decimals.

*Extra review class will be held from 2:00-2:50 pm on Tuesdays for an extra $60. During this time we will practice skills learned and play additional games. This will start the Tuesday following the first LOL class.

Payment Instructions: Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, Bitcoin, Check (sent in the mail)

If you have any questions about what level your child is in, please email lovelearningfl@gmail.com.


Breakout – Escape Room Challenges! (9-11)

We will be using the system from Breakout EDU to set up escape room challenges. There is a series of re-programmable lock boxes with different types of locks (directional, numerical, alphabetical and key). Each week we will have a different set of clues for the students to work together & figure out in order to discover each lock’s combination, and if they get all of the locks open within the allotted time period, they WIN! Skills needed: Critical thinking and have the ability to work together with others. **No one will actually be locked in a room at any point. At the end of the semester I plan to schedule a field trip to a real escape room to test what you’ve learned 🙂


Dia de Muertos – A practical guide to day of the dead

An in depth, interactive look at Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration. Why does Mexico “celebrate” death? What does this really look like? How can you celebrate? Join us as we visit ancient sites and learn about all of the different aspects of celebration that have combined over the years to create the current Muertos. Learn how to make your own ofrenda (alter) that is as genuine as it comes. Learn about Catrina, the “queen” of the dead. Make your very own sugar skulls also. This is a “virtual” course over video chat live with your very own guide… um…. me 🙂

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