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Japanese for Beginners

Konnichi wa! Let’s learn Japanese together! Learn to read and write hiragana and katakana, some kanji, and learn some basic conversation. We’ll also explore Japanese culture! This will be a fun, you-paced class.

Please note that this class requires you to practice outside of class and you will be responsible for doing work for class each week.

Parents note: you will need to help your students with the writing each week. There are videos I will send links to in order to facilitate this.


Acrylic Painting – Online

LOL Acrylic Painting Spring 2020 – online

Online – Acrylic Painting Beginners & Intermediate – Canvas, Paper and Wood (Heather Smith-Levin)
Ages: 10+
Cost: $80/person
Payment forms: cash, Venmo or PayPal.
Venmo or PayPal is HTSL500@yahoo.com.

Come paint with us! Any skill level welcome.
Each week we will be creating new art to take home. As this is a zoom class this semester, we may be able to spend 2 weeks on a class to make sure it is just right.
We will learn basics about colors and mixing. Also valuable for any skill level.
Our paintings will be brand new this semester. We will still vary in our paintings from beaches to mountains and sunsets, animals, flowers and more. Also! Several pieces will be created around different themes and holidays (Winter, spring, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc.)
Parents and kids can also paint canvases that join together (just ask me about this).
**I will have an economical materials list of all things you will need for this class. I will include links where I can.
***I will be missing one class this semester, this absence has been worked into the overall price of the class.


Teen P.E.

Come enjoy several of your favorite games and sports. During the semester, games will include: kickball, dodgeball, soccer, disc golf, hula hoop games, sharks and Minnows, Park Ranger, and many other fun playground games & P.E activities.


POP UP Events

This semester I’ll be having pop-up events. No obligation for the whole semester, come one week, or four weeks or all weeks.

Each week will be a different activity and I’ll post them as events in the spring semester FB page.

Activities would include tie dying, making bird feeders, nature walk and survival skills.

I would welcome ideas from parents and also parents assisting me during the activity.

Kids 3-7 would need parental assistance/supervision.


Drop-In Soccer

Come drop-in and play an informal game of soccer. The field will be marked, balls and pennies provided, and small goals used. No commitment required! Play on days you want, skip the days you’d rather not play. All skill levels welcome!!


What’s Up

This is a open space for teens to talk about current events in the teen world. It’s a platform for them to give and get feedback and not feel judged. Topics could include current events, peer pressure, bullying, movies, politics, religion, relationships among family, friends and significant others, any other hot topics that they are being affected by. The topics are chosen by them. I will help facilitate a healthy conversation or topics if they need help. They won’t always agree with each other but we will learn to put those aside and walk away from class appreciating each person and their views. Each semester we try to do a team building exercise by taking a field trip to an Escape room.( separate charge from class) I do encourage the kids to continue discussing topics covered at home among their family. This is for ages 13-19 **This class runs for two consecutive periods **

This semester we will explore a variety of community service topics/projects along with our normal array of topics.

This class will be in person with a virtual option. Students can sign on to our Discord server during class time and be in class virtually as well.


Sports Class (6-12)

Come join us this semester for a PE/sports class. We will spend 2-3 weeks on each sport/activity learning some new skills and playing the games with each other. Soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, kickball, track and field, even some softball.


Playing with Clay

For people *8 and up* This class is meant to be a fun introduction to the world of clay! I will have the kids exploring multiple ways to create, and decorate works of clay art. I will give the kids several different projects to make, while encouraging them to adapt and create their own twists (or create their own projects all together). Each child should be able to bring home at least six finished projects.


Mini Tigers Martial Arts

This class is for beginners to martial arts. This Martial Arts practice provides self-defense skills, fitness, concentration and focus, confidence, awareness and centering.


Basics of Aviation with Simulation

This course will introduce the student to the basics of aviation. It covers aircraft flight instruments, navigation equipment, aeronautical factors of flying, weather information, the anatomy of the Archer Piper, and the principles and aerodynamics of flight.
We will also look at some movie flying and discuss the reality of flying vs Hollywood.
The course will end with a staged simulation in a real flight simulator.

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