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This is a open space for Parents to talk about current events in the Parent world. It’s a platform for you to give and get feedback and not feel judged. Topics could include current events, peer pressure, bullying, movies, politics, religion, relationships among family, friends and significant others, any other parenting/hot topics that they are being affected by. The topics are chosen by you. I will help facilitate a healthy conversation or topics if you need help. We many not always agree with each other but we will learn to put those aside and walk away from class appreciating each person and their views.


Beginner/Intermediate diablo

Whether you are just now picking up diablo or have been using one for a little bit this class is for you. We will be learning all different kinds of trick ranging from throwing it 20 feet in the air to magic knots that make it look like it goes right threw the string. I hope to see you there.

Course fee includes the cost for the diablo that you get to keep.
I will be delivering the diablo and measuring the sting for you before the first class while remaining socially distant.


Makoa Taulbee

I have been juggling for a year with professional performers who have been teaching me the ins and outs of the Chinese yo yo/diablo. I have been teaching skim boarding and juggling for the past few years and i really enjoy teaching.


Fun N Fitness

10:00am – 10:10am Calesthenics
10:10am – 10:40am Game/Sport
10:40am – 10:45 Coach Huddle (words of inspiration)


Rose Wandstrat

I have been training in ballet for 12 years. I have studied under former Vagonova academy students. And taken numerous master classes from Moscow Ballets professional dancers. I have worked as a teaching assistant for Pinellas School of Dance, and assisted backstage for their yearly recitals. Prior classes at LOL have included “Junior crime stoppers” […]


Alexandra Small

Leslie University:Bachelor of science, Education Cambridge College: Master of Education


Kelley Pitcher

I found a love for all things dirt, mud, and clay at a very young age, and have enjoyed being dirty ever since! I went to The Maine College of Art for a short time focusing on ceramics. After that I apprenticed for Wiltjer Pottery in Maine. I have worked with clay off and on […]


Sara Norine

Sara Norine is a professional artist and teacher with over 20 years experience. Her supportive studio environment allows each artist to find their own voice while encouraging them to use more advanced processes and techniques. Art is a form of personal expression and practice leads to articulate expression of each human’s own experience and personal […]


Angel Lee

Angel Lee graduated from Eckerd College with a degree in Classical humanities- a degree made up of Archaeology, literature and history of the classical period. She than moved on and began teaching. She’s taught grades preschool to twelfth grade. She taught high school for 8 years including journalism, yearbook, creative writing, humanities and English. Angel […]


Arp Laszlo

Arp lives in St. Pete with his lovely wife Trisha & 4 always unschooled kids. He’s an improv enthusiast who believes in sharing the joy of improv with as many people as possible. In his spare time he builds & markets online businesses, makes comics & illustrations, obsessively watches animated films, and complains about the […]

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