Camp Games

Instructor: Devin Mills

Ages: 6-8, 9-11, 12-18, Adult

Course Cost: $70, $10 drop in

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal 

If Paypal:

If Check Payable To: Devin Mills

Course Description:

Want a little summer camp in your school year? Join me for camp games! Just like Hunker Hawser, you’ll arrive thinking, “Wait, what?” and leave thinking “That was great!”
These games are intended to involve a variety of ages and skill sets, facilitating fair play, teamwork, creativity and, most importantly, FUN!

Games vary between high and low activity and are best suited for ages 6 to adult. However, if you and your little would like to join as a team, I can almost always make that work.

Smaller groups will try games like Mafia, Black Magic, “A what? A whit.”, parachute play and a variety of cooperative challenges. There’s also Spoons, Dutch Auction and… if we can get some parent involvement, Paper Dolls. More participation (20+) allows for larger scale games like Smugglers & Spies, Herbivores & Carnivores, and Giants, Elves & Wizards.
I can’t wait to get playing!