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FunWithBots Robotics 6-10

Students at all experience levels will have an opportunity to learn about robotics using LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO WeDo® robotics materials as well as LEGO DACTA educational kits as a base. Activities include learning about sturdy design, exploring mechanical and structural engineering concepts, learning logic and coding in the LEGO programming languages, and will learn the importance of troubleshooting and debugging as a coding skill. Students will have an opportunity to join a competition FIRST LEGO League team if there is enough interest. Class is open to students ages 4-18 and students work in small groups with peers in their age range. Returning students work on NEW CHALLENGES to advance their learning.


Dia de Muertos – A practical guide to day of the dead

An in depth, interactive look at Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration. Why does Mexico “celebrate” death? What does this really look like? How can you celebrate? Join us as we visit ancient sites and learn about all of the different aspects of celebration that have combined over the years to create the current Muertos. Learn how to make your own ofrenda (alter) that is as genuine as it comes. Learn about Catrina, the “queen” of the dead. Make your very own sugar skulls also. This is a “virtual” course over video chat live with your very own guide… um…. me 🙂



Within the area known as the Middle Islands, sits the Free Cities of Vosika, Lonia, and Somila. It is these cities that have fallen under the gaze of the mysterious figure known simply as the Pirate King. It is the forces of this figure that assaulted the city of Vosika and sent your crew on the run from the encroaching armada.

It is as you are fleeing the Pirate King’s Reavers that the adventure begins. Rallying from the assaults of the Pirate King, the players must rally together the other free cities to lay siege to Vosika and regain the city before the Pirate King’s forces can regroup and move on to their next target!


Culinary Adventures

This is 1 class that is 2 periods long.

Join us for culinary adventures around the globe. We will cook dishes from other countries, using unique cooking tools to those countries. I may have some family/friends introduce their country, culture, possibly some history, and speak on the dishes we will be cooking; we will also be going on a couple field trips to a couple of different ethnic stores to learn about unique ingredients; parent/guardians will need to be present on these days.
Some classes may be outside to be exposed to some of the tools.
I will make accommodations for gluten-free and vegan.
Parents will need to provide for their child:
plastic cutting, board
knives, peeler, plastic shoe box for knives and peeler,
old shirt or apron.

Disclaimer: We will be using real cutlery; your child should know basic knife skills or able to learn them. Know there are risks in the kitchen your child may be exposed to such as cuts and possibly burns. Even professionals experience these.
Parents are responsible for their children knowing what they are allowed and not allowed to consume, regarding dietary restrictions and allergies. For Gluten Free and Vegan families, if the gluten free and vegan ingredients are significantly more expensive, you will be responsible for supplying those ingredients for your child. Example: if we make spanikopita, you will be responsible for providing the gluten free phyllo. If we make spaghetti, your ingredient will be provided. I will keep you informed of this on a week to week basis as we decide the menu.
Age 9-11 parental involvement is a must for the first time we use the knives. I want to make sure your child has adequate knife skills before they will be an independent student in our class.


LOL Craft Class

Come and create holiday and seasonal crafts with us (we will do some non-holiday crafts too.)
We will using all sorts of materials including, but not limited to, the following:
Beads, magazines, leather, wood, glue, card stock, markers, cloth, paper, yarn, paint, newspaper and more.

**I will be passing out a package of materials we will use in the crafts. I can either come to your house or you can pick them up from me. **
**There will also be a materials list of items to be supplied by the parents (such as glue, scissors, etc.) ***


Breakout! Escape Room Challenges (Ages 7-8)

Join me for a weekly virtual escape room! I will use a variety of different types of virtual locks (directional, numerical, alphabetical and key) to guide you to escape! In our ZOOM classroom I will be able to share my screen which will show the current puzzle. Students will be able to “write” on the screen and discuss possible outcomes to solve the puzzles. Together they will work through the puzzles and race against the clock. I’ll be actively facilitating the “escape room” and will make sure everyone has a chance to be involved in the puzzle solving. Each week we will have a different set of clues for the students to work through and figure out in order to discover each lock’s unique combination, and if the teams get all of the locks open within the allotted time period, they WIN! The themes of the escape rooms will change weekly and we will cover a variety of puzzle skills! Come and BREAKOUT with me 🙂

Skills needed: Critical thinking and have the ability to work together with others.

**I’m still hopeful to be able to schedule an actual escape room field trip for the end of the semester!**