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D&D and Social Skills Group

This online Dungeons & Dragons class will focus on cooperation, sharing, courtesy and appropriate team building. Over the course of the class, players will learn social skills through the imaginative world of role play games. We use Roll20 and the Discord app to play online.


Math Foundations Level 2

Pick up where Level 1 ends. Students should already know their multiplication and division facts. We will learn all about decimals, fractions, negative numbers, and more! After this class students can move into Beginning Algebra or take Level 2 B if they would like a deeper understanding and extra practice with these concepts.

*Extra review class will be held from 10-10:50 am on Tuesdays for an extra $60. During this time we will practice skills learned and play additional games. This will start the Tuesday following the first LOL class.

If you have any questions about what level your child is in, please email


Novel Writing Workshop

Did you ever want to write a novel? Is there a story that keeps coming to you in little bits and pieces? This is a workshop for people who WANT to write. You will be expected to write outside of class. In class we will: develop story ideas; create complex characters; act as a community; share what we’ve written; even critique each other’s works.


Level 1/Intermediate Martial Arts

This Martial Arts practice provides self-defense skills, fitness, concentration and focus, confidence, awareness and centering. Suitable for beginners.


Humanities and Archaeology

One of the most important aspects of human civilization is the art that developed along with us. We’ll go back to the dawn of time and explore some of the important works of art and architecture that still mean something to us.
When you travel it is meaningful to have knowledge of the things you may see in this world. Having context of history, technique, and meaning will make these masterpiece even more meaningful.

Angel is an archaeology major and former humanities teacher so the course will focus on the history as well as the cultural meanings. This course will focus on Western Humanities artifacts.
We’ll learn about these works of art or locations and do crafts or experiments of our own afterwards.