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“I have my rights!” Everyone likes to shout about “rights!” But, what does that mean in a democracy? Does citizenship not carry both rights and responsibilities? The founding fathers recognized that the health of democracy lies with its citizens and their “knowledge, skill and civic virtues.” Yet, most Americans couldn’t even pass the Citizenship test. So what’s gone wrong…and why?

This class will examine the components of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the three branches of government. We will look at civic duties, civic disposition and civil disobedience. And we will compare and contrast the different forms of Government around the world.

Our class project will put democracy into action. Students will debate and vote on 2 topics or issues (such as animal rights, global warming, voting rights etc.) They will design and run a campaign during the school semester. Love of Learning members will vote and choose a winner… right in time for showcase and the looming presidential election.

Showcase presentation

**This class is being offered in two time slots, it is a single offering and not a two period class, please choose the time that best suits your schedule.


Sustainable Living

Principles of sustainable gardening and building. A simple outline of Earthship and permaculture philosophies and techniques. Building with natural and up-cycled materials, the basics of passive heating and cooling, solar power, ecologically friendly wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting and filtration, and wildlife friendly food production. Exploring ways we can improve our interactions with the natural world around us and build a more secure and abundant future. Cob building. Eco-bricks. The wonderful world of plants.


Project TikTok

This class is a fun and SAFE way to enjoy TikTok! We will learn some of the popular dances – like the RENEGADE – as well as make up our own! Not a dancer? Don’t let that stop you from joining the fun! There’s so much you can do on TikTok … tell a joke, play an instrument, sing a song, do a trick, cook, exercise, YOU NAME IT! If you have a passion for something (ANYTHING) and/or a skill or talent that you want to share then this is the class for you! Let’s get creative and see what we can come up with.

The first few weeks we’ll learn some popular TikTok dances and discuss/view some other favorites that showcase different skills/talents. We’ll also learn more about the platform: The basics of posting – editing, tagging, captions, SAFETY, etc. What is an algorithm and what does that have to do with TikTok? (See parents? This is educational!) How do popular creators “blow up” so quickly? We’ll discuss project ideas and settle on a group project for everyone that will most likely be movement/dance related (but we will find something for non-dancers to do if they do NOT want to dance). The rest of the semester will focus on our group project and individual projects you would like to create on your own.

I’ll be running a group TikTok account just for this class and participants can run their own accounts with the help of their parents or manage their own if they’re old enough. Having your own account is not required for participation in this class.

***TikTok accounts are for ages 13 and up and the age for this class is recommended for 9 and up. I welcome students of any age if they are excited to create and can follow along. If we view some TikTok examples, I will do my best to keep them all clean and appropriate, but this is a social media platform that has content of all kinds. Anyone under 13 years should definitely have parental supervision and/or permission to use the app.***


Expressive Watercolor

Explore watercolor in this supportive virtual studio environment. Each week we will explore a new watercolor technique and students will create their own imagery. We will explore masking, blending, lettering, washes, and other techniques. This will be a fun relaxing class for students that enjoy art for relaxation and expression. All supplies will be supplied by the teacher. Advanced and returning art students, please contact Sara for help finding the best course offering for you.


D&D and Social Skills Group

This online Dungeons & Dragons class will focus on cooperation, sharing, courtesy and appropriate team building. Over the course of the class, players will learn social skills through the imaginative world of role play games. We use Roll20 and the Discord app to play online.


Anime Otaku

Calling all anime fans! If you are into animated movies created in Japan (aka anime), you might be an anime otaku – an anime geek! This class is a gathering place to watch, discuss, learn about, and — most of all — enjoy Japanese animation. If you’re just curious about anime and want to learn more, you’re welcome!

Unlike a lot of Western animation, anime offers a huge variety of genres with deep & creative storytelling. It ranges from hard science fiction to romantic comedies and everything in between. We’re going to dig into some great, unique anime, as well as the inspiration and source material for stories influenced by anime, like The Lion King, The Matrix, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Stranger Things, and more.

We’ll introduce a different anime each week, either watching the first episode of a series or the first 25 minutes of a movie. The rest of the class will be devoted to discussing the anime: genre, themes, characters, archetypes, tropes, storylines, culture, influences, similarities, and more. What’s unique about the story? Why is so-and-so a great character? Why aren’t they? Who do you relate to? Should we watch dubs or subs? Why does every anime have at least one scarred character?

The first class will begin with my favorite, Akira (1988). We’ll then vote on which ones we’ll watch the rest of the semester. Suggestions include: Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ghost in the Shell, My Hero Academia, Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Punch Man, Paprika, Princess Mononoke (or another Miyazaki film), The Silent Voice, and Your Lie in April.

Your suggestions for anime are needed too – this is a student-driven class where we will vote on which animes we’ll be watching. Students are also encouraged (but not required) to make a short presentation about their favorite anime before we watch it: tell us what it’s about, who made it, what its influences are (or what it influenced), and why you love it – basically why everyone should watch it!

Note: Discussion and debate are encouraged but we’re going to be kind and respectful about it. Also, some of the anime we watch will include mature themes, language, or subject matter. Please consider this before registering, and feel free to ask me directly if you have any concerns. Thank you!