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Origami and Kirigami

Origami is the art of paper folding. Kirigami is a variation of origami that includes paper cutting. Both arts are often associated with Japanese culture. I have been folding paper for 50 years. We will be learning how to create a different sculpture each week. We will also discuss the history and some modern-day applications.



We will use a complete immersion course with videos, games, and grammar exercises. This class is for students 8 and up!


Playing with clay

This class is meant to be a fun introduction to the world of clay! I will have the kids exploring multiple ways to create, and decorate works of clay art. I will give the kids several different projects to make, while encouraging them to adapt and create their own twists (or create their own projects all together). Each child should be able to bring home at least six finished projects. *If your child is 4-6 yrs I do ask that you sit in to help with rolling out, and manipulating clay when necessary.


What’s Up

This is a open space for teens to talk about current events in the teen world. It’s a platform for them to give and get feedback and not feel judged. Topics could include current events, peer pressure, bullying, movies, politics, religion, relationships among family, friends and significant others, any other hot topics that they are being affected by. The topics are chosen by them. I will help facilitate a healthy conversation or topics if they need help. They won’t always agree with each other but we will learn to put those aside and walk away from class appreciating each person and their views. Each semester we try to do a team building exercise by taking a field trip to an Escape room.( separate charge from class) I do encourage the kids to continue discussing topics covered at home among their family.This is for ages 13-19 **This class runs for two consecutive periods **

This semester we will explore a variety of ethics vs. morals topics along with our normal array of topics.


Fun N Fitness

10:00am – 10:10am Calesthenics
10:10am – 10:40am Game/Sport
10:40am – 10:45 Coach Huddle (words of inspiration)