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Playing with Clay

This class is meant to be a fun introduction to the world of clay! I will have the kids exploring multiple ways to create, and decorate works of clay art. I will give the kids several different projects to make, while encouraging them to adapt and create their own twists (or create their own projects all together). Each child should be able to bring home at least six finished projects.
*This class is for people 8 and up


Create and publish your own coloring book!

From idea to amazon, you will create your very own coloring book that will be published on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing. Use your creativity to take an idea from the deep, dark outer reaches of your brain to being a for real published author.

You will be using your photography skills, and will need to have a student edition of Adobe Photoshop or the photographer package during the class in order to change your photographs into coloring book pages.


What’s Up

This is a open space for teens to talk about current events in the teen world. It’s a platform for them to give and get feedback and not feel judged. Topics could include current events, peer pressure, bullying, movies, politics, religion, relationships among family, friends and significant others, any other hot topics that they are being affected by. The topics are chosen by them. I will help facilitate a healthy conversation or topics if they need help. They won’t always agree with each other but we will learn to put those aside and walk away from class appreciating each person and their views. Each semester we try to do a team building exercise by taking a field trip to an Escape room.( separate charge from class) I do encourage the kids to continue discussing topics covered at home among their family.This is for ages 13-19 **This class runs for two consecutive periods **

This semester we will explore a variety of ethics vs. morals topics along with our normal array of topics.


Where Did the Time Go?

It’s easy for us to tell ourselves we’ll do everything we want to do one day…when we’re not so busy. But when we have the time, it can still feel so hard to get stuff done. Why does it seem like one minute the day’s just beginning, then the next minute it’s over? Why does it feel somehow harder to do stuff the more free time you have? Maybe the real issue has nothing to do with how much time you have but is rooted in something much deeper.

This class is intended for those who struggle to make effective use of blocks of unstructured time, both large and small, and tend to put things off indefinitely (or at least as long as possible!). The focus of the class is to learn how to use your time more effectively, decide what it is that you want to do, and establish new habits that can help you to actually DO those things. We will cover achieving goals, taking care of things you know you should do (but don’t), and making time for doing stuff you love.

Weekly writing exercises will be emailed to participants and are intended to help you learn more about yourself – what you do well, what you can improve on, what might be blocking you from doing more and what techniques will work best for you.


Conscious Kids

This course includes 12 Unique Classes as well as 12 Guided Meditations. Together we’ll explore and expand in conscious topics and practices that can enrich any child’s life skills; we’ll also be moving through a guided meditation at the end of every class.

All children are welcome regardless of their reading/writing abilities and there is no previous experience necessary for this class.

Weekly topics:
Meditation. Kids will learn how to relax and check in with themselves while having fun doing it!

Chakras 101. We’ll learn a color-coded energy system on how different parts of our bodies impact us on deeper levels, like creativity, confidence, and fun. If able to, parents will print out a page that the kids can use to their own abstract art piece with their favorite colors and explore their own chakras. There will be alternative activities if a printer is not available.

Crystals 101. Of course it’s fun to learn about rocks, but in this class we’ll get to learn the science behind how crystal therapy can benefit our lives. Naturally drawn to crystals, children will now know how they can actually help them in more ways than just appreciation and aesthetic!

Conscious Cultures across the World. Our classroom will turn into a portal to take us to places like India, Japan, and even to our own historically Native American backyards to explore different cultures and how our world has traditionally valued finding a deeper connection to our planet and each other. Students will also get a homework guide to create their own “pocket mala” prayer beads; these are used in meditation along with a special mantra, which they will learn how to choose and practice during class.

Emotional Intelligence + Empathy. This class will teach us how to practice greater compassion and understanding for ourselves and each other through exercising examples of our different emotions. By the end of class we’ll be able to not only tell how someone else is feeling just by looking at them (through body language and facial expression) but also how we can support them too.

Earth Love. Together we get to explore various ways we can help the planet heal and love her more like keeping the oceans free of plastic, recycling, clean-ups, common planet-conscious household swaps, and more. The students will get a “competition homework assignment” by turning trash into treasure in an up-cycling project which will be showcased the following week; the most creative project gets Earth Love Props for thinking outside the box and helping our planet!

Creative Therapy. In this class, the children will get to explore multiple creative therapies such as music therapy, writing therapy, sound therapy, and dance therapy. The children will also get a homework guide on how to explore art therapy by creating their own masterpiece through an acrylic pouring art project.

Keep Calm. We go beyond meditation in this class and learn more impactful coping mechanisms like breathwork, dancing to our own beat, tapping, and more. Kids will get a chance to play with a Tibetan singing bowl and begin to learn the greater power of vibration and sound.

Mindful Reads. In this class we’ll explore and read together conscious books from some of the world’s leading children’s authors like Mallika Chopra, the daughter of Deepak Chopra. Kids will also have the opportunity to outline ideas for their own conscious book to continue creating after class if they wish.

Conscious Chatting. This class will help us understand and practice conversation skills for the modern world in a compassionate and patient manner. The students will come together to talk about a spectrum of topics so we can all understand and practice the full emotional depth that life gifts us with in healthy ways, as well as feel the deeper relativity that exists between us all.

Gratitude. Together we’ll learn what it means to be thankful and explore different ways of practicing gratitude including mindset training. Children will get to begin their very own gratitude journal (either through writing or drawing/coloring) to establish a new practice to continue working with after class.

Power of Intention. This class teaches us the raw power of our thoughts and feelings and how we can use our hearts and minds to make the world a better place. This session will conclude an in-depth 12-week exploration of consciousness and each kid will get the chance to explore + expand deeper on their favorite topic from our course while also creating a Plan of Action on how they can make an impact in their families, neighborhoods, communities, and beyond as they grow older.