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History of Ancient Greece

Come for a time traveling trip to Ancient Greece with me. We will go back in time during this online class to see what life was like for an elementary student in this ancient civilization. Would you have lived in Athens or Sparta? What were battles like and how was life as a soldier? What did ancient Greeks eat and wear as both the rich and the poor? What did the original Olympics look like and who competed in this competition? This will be an extra fun topic to compare to modern day to see how much has changed in a few thousand years.
We will study the Greek alphabet and use it in class together. We will even hold an Olympics at the end of the session for those families that are comfortable gathering outdoors.
My style of teaching is mostly lecture with lots of opportunity for student input and questions. I use activities from the History Pockets Curriculum and do not require any homework or extra assignments.


Trading For Fun & Profit

This course introduces the basics of trading financial assets such as Stocks, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. While some time will be spent on psychology and theory, the focus will be on showing students “how” to enter and exit trades profitably using “price action” and basic technical analysis. We will use a popular, free online charting platform to “paper trade,” so the experience will feel sort of like playing a (geeky) video game for students. After the fundamentals are learned, we’ll have a “paper trading contest” over the final few weeks of the course. (Prizes to be awarded for first 3 places.)

Students would benefit from having a laptop or tablet at class, but this is not a requirement.
(Concepts introduced in class can be implemented and practiced at home by following supplemental videos provided by instructor.)


Dungeons & Dragons 1

All materials provided.
Hail brave adventurers! Enter the world of Educational Role Play! Have fun playing
Dungeons & Dragons and learn at the same time. Explore treacherous and
foreboding lands of simple math, history, social studies, combat tactics and political



Learn how to run the “the world’s greatest role-playing game!” Ages 12+ encouraged to
attend. Learn the components of cooperative storytelling based on chance. Instructor
will provide basic materials. Adults and parents are also welcomed to take this course.



Explore the art and craft of printmaking. We will explore analog methods like block printing, stamp carving, monoprinting, screenprinting, and more. We will also create a digital project.


Exploring the Founding Documents of the United States of America

I hope to bring new interest and life to what many feel is the boring founding of the USA. Discussion and debate will be used through-out the class to explore what the founders might have really been thinking.

We will start with explore the documents sent from the colonies to the King of Britain and Parliament requesting a resolution to the problems being created in the Colonies. Reading these brings a new light to what the relationship might have been during the late 1700s. Ultimately, with the pleas in these petitions being ignored, further steps had to be taken, resulting in the Declaration of Independence.

We will briefly touch on and discuss both Common Sense by Thomas Paine as well as the Federalist Papers.

Finally, with the birth of a new country, the role and formation of the government was not a simple matter and we will study the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution including the Bill of Rights.

There will be weekly reading assignments outside of class, most of which can be found online, however having your own copy of the following will be of assistance:
Declaration of Independence
US Constitution including the Bill of Rights

Links will be provided for study of the other articles online.

With my extensive experience as a citizen lobbyist both within state and federal congresses, I have acquired a unique ability to talk about how our government was started and what the founding documents were about. I am a strong believer in an approach to history where you get to dive in and discuss many angles of any issue – we get to discover this way how nothing is black or white.

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Writers Club

This is a relaxed workshop to find your writer’s voice. Don’t worry about your handwriting, spelling, or grammar! This class is all about getting your unique thoughts down on paper to share with others. We will journal, brainstorm, doodle, sketch, mind-map, and use graphic organizers, to tackle writer’s block. We’ll play communication and vocabulary games, use a thesaurus to discover new words, dive into similes and metaphors, and more. I will help each student to complete one edited piece. Together, we will decide how we want to celebrate the completion, and share our writing. Come hang with us and find some joy in writing.


Fun N Fitness

This high energy and motivating class will consist of calisthenics and a variety of active games and sports.


Elemental Seasons

Join Ruthie and Krisula for a semester of the senses and the seasons! Taste herbal tisanes, smell herbal aromas, hear the heartbeat of the plants, feel the energy the seasons bring, and see the movements of the animal guides with tai chi. Enjoy games, crafting nature art and short hikes through the park for elemental adventures! In December we will showcase our learning with a presentation chosen by the students. Examples include a skit, demonstration, art display, song or other ideas! Weekly second hour of class is included the price!


Fiber Art

Together, we will explore the soft and lovely world of yarn and sewing from an artistic perspective. Weaving, felting, needlepoint, knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing, embroidery, and fiber sculpture will be explored. No experience with fiber arts required.

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