Co-Ed Indoor Soccer (7+)

Instructor: Arp Laszlo

Ages: 6-8, 9-11

Course Cost: 60

Payment Instructions: Cash, Check to

Course Description:

Are you the next Rose Lavelle or Christian Pulisic? Come learn the basics of soccer as we teach passing, trapping, shooting and teamwork. And we’re going to do this in the gym so we won’t be roasting come Spring!

We will begin each class with a few drills to warm up and master the basics. After that we’ll spend the majority of class by playing and having fun! You’ll get a chance to practice your new skills in every class. Everyone will get to try different positions to see what they like doing and what comes natural to them. If we have enough players we can get creative with our formations too (a ‘formation’ is the shape of a team and where each player is).

Mandatory gear: shin guards, closed toed athletic shoes/sneakers and comfy clothes. If you own a soccer ball, please bring it. We also ask that each player bring a water bottle (this will keep water breaks shorter so we can have more time to play).

No experience necessary, just a desire to learn and HAVE FUN!