Creative Studio II

Instructor: Alex Archipov

Ages: 9-11

Course Cost: 90

Payment Instructions: Cash, Check to Alexandra Archipov

Course Description:

Creative Studio will be an open space for artistic ideas and expression to be put into action! They will explore and create art from a variety of media including origami, watercolors, zines, embroidery, sewing, upcycled art, pencil and charcoal, oil pastels and paint. The class will have guided projects and learn new techniques and skills, while truly making it their own through “Inspiration Gathering” where they’ll discover what genuinely makes them inspired while finding their own artistic voice. We’ll gather ideas from nature, books, poems, music, cultures, artists/art styles and of course, each other! This class will be a positive workspace for artists and creatives to share ideas and grow while creating work they can be proud of.