Culinary Adventures

Instructor: Abbyja Vicky Henry

Ages: 9-11, 12-18, Adult

Course Cost: $150

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal:
If Venmo:
If Check Payable To: Abbyja Henry

Course Description:

This is 1 class that is 2 periods long.

Join us for culinary adventures around the globe. We will cook dishes from other countries, using unique cooking tools to those countries. I may have some family/friends introduce their country, culture, possibly some history, and speak on the dishes we will be cooking; we will also be going on a couple field trips to a couple of different ethnic stores to learn about unique ingredients; parent/guardians will need to be present on these days.
Some classes may be outside to be exposed to some of the tools.
I will make accommodations for gluten-free and vegan.
Parents will need to provide for their child:
plastic cutting, board
knives, peeler, plastic shoe box for knives and peeler,
old shirt or apron.

Disclaimer: We will be using real cutlery; your child should know basic knife skills or able to learn them. Know there are risks in the kitchen your child may be exposed to such as cuts and possibly burns. Even professionals experience these.
Parents are responsible for their children knowing what they are allowed and not allowed to consume, regarding dietary restrictions and allergies. For Gluten Free and Vegan families, if the gluten free and vegan ingredients are significantly more expensive, you will be responsible for supplying those ingredients for your child. Example: if we make spanikopita, you will be responsible for providing the gluten free phyllo. If we make spaghetti, your ingredient will be provided. I will keep you informed of this on a week to week basis as we decide the menu.
Age 9-11 parental involvement is a must for the first time we use the knives. I want to make sure your child has adequate knife skills before they will be an independent student in our class.