D&D Online Adventures

Instructor: Christian Gall

Ages: 9-11, 12-18

Course Cost: 80

Payment Options: Paypal 

If Paypal: hollykgall@gmail.com

Course Description:

Welcome to D&D, a decade-spanning role-playing game. The first edition of Dungeons and Dragons was released in 1974, in the decades since its release many have come to play and enjoy it. D&D is a complex game of strategy and will take some time to learn for newer players. Any skill level is welcome, and some minor role-play is expected, Within this course, you will get to decide their adventure. Many worlds can be explored, Be it Star Wars, Fallout, or Faerûn. This class will take place through discord and roll20. Invites to both will be provided, also this class is a 2 hour class.