D&D – Ragnarok – the Reckoning

Instructor: Jose Fuents

Ages: 12-18

Course Cost: $70 for 10 sessions

Payment Options: Paypal 

If Paypal: payment@heroichealthgroup.com

Course Description:

Ragnarok is coming and all are blissfully unaware. All, except for a certain chronomancer and his party. Stuck in a time paradox of their own doing they escape to the House of the Azath, a pocket realm free of the timestream. There, they search for their escape and the return to their own world, and for Thor who they learn is imprisoned in the sentient dungeon within the World tree. Join our would be heroes as they fight for survival, for themselves and for all the worlds they encounter in their fight against Jormungndr, the World Serpent. Ages 11+