Eco Play Lab

Instructor: Hadrian Alegarbes

Ages: 6-8, 9-11

Course Cost: $100 + $25 materials fee

Payment Options: Cash, Check 

If Check Payable To: Hadrian Alegarbes

Course Description:

Like to run around inventing games, characters and settings with playmates? Let’s play in some of the coolest ecosystems in Florida, past and present – by making them ourselves! Using Vygotskyian-style role play games, cardboard, art supplies, and everyday materials, we could swim in underground cave systems and see who lives there. Or wade through cypress swamps filled with wizards and teachers. Or hide in seagrass beds patrolled by 18 foot hammerheads. You’ll have to use your hands and work alongside friends. Expect games and side trips to the center of the Earth or atomic level.