Elemental Seasons

Instructor: Ruth Glass and Krisula Robbie-Gause

Ages: 6-8, 9-11, 12-18

Course Cost: $150 per person, Siblings $125 per person, materials $35

Payment Options: Cash, Paypal 

If Paypal: krisulat@yahoo.com

Course Description:

Join Ruthie and Krisula for a semester of the senses and the seasons! Taste herbal tisanes, smell herbal aromas, hear the heartbeat of the plants, feel the energy the seasons bring, and see the movements of the animal guides with tai chi. Enjoy games, crafting nature art and short hikes through the park for elemental adventures! In December we will showcase our learning with a presentation chosen by the students. Examples include a skit, demonstration, art display, song or other ideas! Weekly second hour of class is included the price!