Exploring the Founding Documents of the United States of America

Instructor: Andromeda Edison

Ages: 12-18

Course Cost: $130 plus $20 material fee

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Course Description:

I hope to bring new interest and life to what many feel is the boring founding of the USA. Discussion and debate will be used through-out the class to explore what the founders might have really been thinking.

We will start with explore the documents sent from the colonies to the King of Britain and Parliament requesting a resolution to the problems being created in the Colonies. Reading these brings a new light to what the relationship might have been during the late 1700s. Ultimately, with the pleas in these petitions being ignored, further steps had to be taken, resulting in the Declaration of Independence.

We will briefly touch on and discuss both Common Sense by Thomas Paine as well as the Federalist Papers.

Finally, with the birth of a new country, the role and formation of the government was not a simple matter and we will study the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution including the Bill of Rights.

There will be weekly reading assignments outside of class, most of which can be found online, however having your own copy of the following will be of assistance:
Declaration of Independence
US Constitution including the Bill of Rights

Links will be provided for study of the other articles online.

With my extensive experience as a citizen lobbyist both within state and federal congresses, I have acquired a unique ability to talk about how our government was started and what the founding documents were about. I am a strong believer in an approach to history where you get to dive in and discuss many angles of any issue – we get to discover this way how nothing is black or white.

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