Frequently Asked Questions

What is LOL Families?
LOL Families is an inclusive, secular homeschool cooperative for all ages held every Thursday at Eagle Lake Park in Largo.  We have reserved pavilion space and lots of outdoor area for play.  We welcome children of all ages and enjoy an active and loving community. We are a zero tolerance community in that we will allow no bullying, harassment, discrimination or violence of any kind.

Who can attend?
LOL includes everyone! Bring your baby. Bring your mom. Bring your crazy cousin who wears his pants backwards. Your registration is for your whole family and you should never feel that anyone should stay home. We accept with open arms members of all walk of life, races, religions, nationalities, abilities, and are a LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming community. If any of this offends you, then we may not be the right fit.

How do I register?
Registration is $25 per family and must be received before you are able to enroll in classes.
Register by visiting our website at and clicking on “Registration”. Registration and class listings usually are live about week before Open House. To keep up with registration dates and information, check on our website or join our “LOL Families” Facebook Page where we will post updates regarding these dates and more.

When do I register?
Each semester will start after public school start dates (Fall semester begins in September and Spring semester starts in February). Each semester runs 12 weeks. To keep up with registration dates and information, check on our website or join our “LOL Families” Facebook Page where we will post updates regarding these dates and more. Family registration and class listings usually are live about week before Open House. (If classes say “full” before new registration has gone live, don’t worry – those are from last semester.)

Is this a drop off?
No. You are required to stay on campus with your child(ren). You do not have to attend each class unless requested by the instructor so feel free to enjoy the time with your other children if you like. If you ever have to go off site you are able to arrange placement of your child(ren) in the care of another parent, but must confirm this at the front desk and return prior to dismissal.

Is this a school?
No, we are homeschool cooperative providing interest based learning opportunities and support for homeschooling parents and students. We flourish through parent volunteerism and an active and engaged community of students, parents, and instructors. We do subscribe to any one style of learning or instruction and provide a space for socialization and specialized learning complementary to all styles of education and homeschooling methods, including unschooling.

How do I sign up for classes?
Once posted, you and your child(ren) can browse the available courses to see which are of interest to you. Once you have already paid your family registration fee, you will receive a link to sign up for the classes in your email. This will come after the Open House. This allows you to first see classes offered and check them out at Open House before register for classes. You can alter your registration once completed as well if needed.

You can browse our available courses here:
While classes for each semester aren’t updated until before the semester starts (follow “LOL Families” on Facebook to keep in the loop), you can take a look at the classes for last semester to get an idea, as many are held routinely.

How do I pay for classes?
Class fees are paid directly to the teacher in the form (cash, check, Venmo, livestock) they specify on their course description.  We have a split payment system, half of the payment is due the 1st week of classes, and half is due the 6th week of classes.  We have altered this from prior semesters to allow for flexibility with COVID.  Should our in person classes need to be cancelled or change to virtual, it protects our families from lost class payments and from teachers needing to make large refunds.  We are asking any teacher who is providing an in person class to think ahead to the best way to transition their class to a virtual format, if possible. Because we know that online learning is not ideal for every child, we will not obligate any student who registers for an in person class to continue in a virtual setting. In the event of classes being cancelled or a format change, any outstanding balance due on the class will be void. There will be no other refunds required, however we will leave that up to teachers should they chose otherwise.

How many classes should I take?
You may take as many or as few classes as you like. Many families choose not to fill every slot because they so enjoy all the free time together. If your registration is paid, you may attend even if you are not taking any classes in the current semester.

What can I expect at Open House or Meet & Greet?
There will be an Open House prior to each semester where you can come and check out the classes and facility. Our Open House is held about a week after classes are listed and two weeks before each semester begins. You can expect booths and demonstration for many of the classes you may be interested in. This is a great way to determine which classes are a good fit for your family. This is also a great time to connect with other families as we get excited to be back together for the upcoming semester. Please reach out to existing families as we would love to show you around and tell you what we love about LOL. Being an Open House, you are free to come and go at any time. Often, families stay to enjoy the socialization and even venture to the park across the street for a picnic lunch.

How do I join the Facebook page? Why is there more than one page?
You can find our main Facebook page by searching “LOL Families” (or clicking here Loveoflearningfamilies) and requesting to join. This page is public and is where we post basic information and reminders about upcoming registration and other pertinent information.
Once you register for a semester, though, you will receive additional access to a secret page which is limited to families enrolled in the current semester and is very active. You will want to follow this secret page once invited as much of our teacher and co-op communication happens here.

What if I miss a week or go on vacation?
LOL Families does not guarantee refunds on registration fees or class payments if you miss a week or weeks due to illness, injury, vacation, etc. Our classes are already priced appropriately and to allow for unforeseen absence.
Note: Since your payment is made directly to the instructor, you may approach your instructor directly to work out special payment arrangements if you know you will only be attending a partial semester.

What if a semester has already begun? Can I still attend?
Yes, most likely. If you pay your registration you may join the semester late and work out payment with any instructors that have room in their classes. The best course of action would be to contact a member of administration to see if arrangements can be made depending on your situation.

What is showcase?  (We hope to continue our showcase tradition in coming semesters!)
Showcase is an amazing (ahem) Showcase of what your child(ren) have been doing throughout the semester. Some classes will have performances (your child’s participation will be up to them), some have displays, and some a video montage. However, even if your child does not take a class which has a Showcase presentation, we encourage all members to attend as we hold a potluck and have an after party at the park as we close out each semester. This is an awesome opportunity to show family and friends what we are up to!

How do I apply to teach a class at LOL Families?
Teacher Registration is available by visiting our website at and clicking on Registration. To keep up with registration dates please join our LOL Families Facebook Page where we will post updates regarding these dates and more.

Do we fly our freak flag?
Oh Yeah Baby! Loud and Proud!
We want our children to be surrounded by all the beautiful members of our human community. We believe that our lives are enriched greatly by diversity as it adds to the beautiful tapestry of life and our experience at LOL. We have created a beautiful, loving, inclusive community and hope you find it to be the home we intend it to be for you. 100% inclusion!

Again, as a no tolerance campus, we have a zero tolerance policy against bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence. Any members who cannot follow these guidelines will be asked to find a different community as we strive to ensure that each and every member feels included (including you)! Please review our policies on bullying and harassment.