Heather Mostardi

I have a deep interest in different cultures, indigenous ways of life and ART! My mother grew up in South Dakota and her family was close to the natives there. My grandmother was carried around in a papoose as a baby! My father was stationed in Japan & Turkey and I was always fascinated with his stories, their ways of life and the art he brought home with him. My interest started there, and then I met my husband who has traveled all over the globe and even lived in Mexico for many years. Together we have traveled cross country in the US where we camped and visited many ancient dwellings, petroglpyhs, mounds and museums full of artifacts. My husband and I have also traveled all over Mexico to visit so many pyramids, ruins and museums that I have lost count! We didn’t stop there and have lived and visited other countries in Central America as well. I’m doing my best to accurately represent these cultures and more so we can expand our knowledge and understanding of these cultures together!