History of Ancient Egypt- Online

Instructor: Melissa Hanna

Ages: 6-8

Course Cost: 60

Payment Options: Cash, Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal: melissaleehanna@gmail.com
If Venmo: @Melissa-Hanna-17

Course Description:

I am excited to continue learning about the ancient civilizations with you! This semester we will travel to Ancient Egypt together. If you have taken an class with me before you know the drill. 🙂 We laugh, learn and get a little nutty some days. But the goal in every class is to get these kids to LOVE to LEARN! If I child loves learning and learns to ask questions…they will learn for the rest of their lives!
I use the Evan-Moor History Pockets as a general outline for this course. This course is designed for those learners in the 6-9 age range. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of this ancient civilization. Who were the Ancient Egyptians and why did they live where they did? How were they ruled and what was their government like. We will dive into their ancient religion and learn their language. We always use art to learn in a few classes and compare our daily lives to those of the Ancient Egyptians. We will become mummies and of course make a pyramid. I will be offering this class both online and in person this semester, for the same age group, to make sure all of my friends are able to learn together again this spring.
If you have not taken one of my classes before I welcome a call or email to discuss any questions you have. I have been teaching online or in person for almost 5 years now. I do have a history degree from the University of Texas and have homeschooled for over 7 years. I am happy to work with children of all learning styles and will meet them where they are in their maturity and ability. No child will be asked to read or present to the class if they are not comfortable. There is no homework for this course. I have a FB group set up to actively communicate with parents each week as well as provide extra videos and information after classes. I am excited to be teaching again and cannot wait to see the kids in the classroom!!