History of Ancient Greece

Instructor: Melissa Hanna

Ages: 6-8, 9-11

Course Cost: $60

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Course Description:

Come for a time traveling trip to Ancient Greece with me. We will go back in time during this online class to see what life was like for an elementary student in this ancient civilization. Would you have lived in Athens or Sparta? What were battles like and how was life as a soldier? What did ancient Greeks eat and wear as both the rich and the poor? What did the original Olympics look like and who competed in this competition? This will be an extra fun topic to compare to modern day to see how much has changed in a few thousand years.
We will study the Greek alphabet and use it in class together. We will even hold an Olympics at the end of the session for those families that are comfortable gathering outdoors.
My style of teaching is mostly lecture with lots of opportunity for student input and questions. I use activities from the History Pockets Curriculum and do not require any homework or extra assignments.