History of the American Revolution

Instructor: Melissa Hanna

Ages: 9-11

Course Cost: 60

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal: melissaleehanna@gmail.com
If Venmo: @Melissa-Hanna-17
If Check Payable To: Melissa Hanna

Course Description:

Let’s dive into the American Revolution! This class is designed for upper elementary or lower middle school leveled students. My classes for this level are a mix of lecture, discussion and a few
fun projects. There is no homework or written work associated with the course. Since we will be online, we will not have group work, but they will work in teams during our games. I will always encourage students to present their work, opinions, or knowledge verbally in each class. This helps with confidence and public speaking! We will cover main topics of the Revolutionary time such as the causes of the war, battles, spies and how the war shaped the America we live in today. We will also do some in depth focus on specific people/events and learn some lesser-known facts and stories. For those that do not know me, this will be my 5th semester to teach history to our local homeschoolers. I have a BA in history and have been an online teacher to students in China for the past few years. I am comfortable running an online class and welcome the opportunity to keep our children engaged in the community during these changing times. I love to engage the students and keep the classes structured but fun. I lead the classroom with a positive example at all times and find that children learn best when they are smiling! If you have questions, please let me know!