History of the Civil War

Instructor: Melissa Hanna

Ages: 9-11, 12-18

Course Cost: 60

Payment Options: Cash, Paypal 

If Paypal: melissaleehanna@gmail.com

Course Description:

Whether you prefer to call it the American Civil War, The War Between the States or The War of Secession… it is the topic we will study this spring via Zoom. The target age for this class is 10-13 years of age. We will begin class talking about why it is important to study this war and how it shaped our country as we know it today. I will be loosely following the Evan-Moore History Pockets curriculum as we focus on areas such as soldier’s life, slavery and the leadership. We will also spend a few classes doing a more in-depth character study on important figures such as Harriet Tubman. Spies are always a fun topic in these classes so we of course will talk about the role they played in this war as well.
In my classes, students are always encouraged to ask questions and share ideas or thoughts. No students are forced to speak or share if they do not feel like it. There is no homework for this class, although I often share extra ideas, videos or areas of interest for those students that are seeking more information. If you have not taken a class from me, I welcome an email or call to ask your questions. I have been teaching online or in person for many years and believe that history is a subject that can be FUN and ENGAGING. I hope to see you all in the classroom!