Aidan Bunge
I'm 14 years old and I will be teaching the teen PE class. I have been part of LOL for numerous years now. I have absolutely love everything to do with physical fitness and I am always looking for ways to make it fun. I have partaken in a few other PE classes in other Co-ops and a few physical fitness classes here at LOL.
Alexandra Small
Leslie University:Bachelor of science, Education Cambridge College: Master of Education
Amber Sachs
Ms. Amber spent 3 years teaching in North Carolina and 5 years working with Homeschool Coops before moving to St. Petersburg. She is certified in Math and Science and enjoys tutoring subjects from Spanish to SAT prep She has a passion to educate scholars who struggle, work with them one-on-one helping them to realize their innate abilities and fulfill their potential. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. As your scholar succeeds their spirit will soar and they will begin to LOVE Learning!!!!!
Bay Hurst
My name is Bay and I am 16 years old.  I have been playing soccer most of my life and am currently playing competitive soccer for the Dunedin Stirling Soccer Club.  I have co-coached a soccer class at HOP.  Also I have served as a counselor in training for two summers with the city of Dunedin, teaching kids how to skateboard and scooter.  I feel very comfortable helping my peers learn how to play sports I love.
Doug Hatch
Doug is a Martial arts instructor with over 20 years of experience and several black belts in a number of martial arts. He has a wide variety of experience working with all ages and levels of fitness. He has served as the head instructor for years at a local martial arts school teaching adults(group & private lessons) and also run the children's programs. Doug has worked with local schools on their physical education programs. Having children of his own Doug understands the importance of well balanced,focused,self disciplined and well adjusted children. "One of my greatest joys is helping others reach their goals and make a positive difference in their lives."
Heather Smith-Levin
Heather has been off and on teaching various classes from art to sports for over 20 years now. She has been making art for longer than this. While raising three girls she has brought them up taking painting and art classes as often as possible plus has set up a studio at home where the kids can continue at any time.
Hillary Miller – Heroic Health Group
Hillary Miller has 21 years of experience as an educator and her whole life as a nerd. Her first cosplay was Princess Leia when she was still a toddler and her first LARP was Vampire the Masquerade with the creators. She is a multi-hyphenate artist-actor-educator-sous chef-writer-and all around "Jane of all trades". Hillary likes to make learning fun and her students always come back for more.
Jaclyn Young
I am a mom to 2 unschooled kids (have been since birth). I also teach English online through VIPKid. I have many years of experience with kids and am excited to share these escape rooms with the kids of LOL!
Jen Stewart
Jen Stewart is a professional chef with 24 years of restaurant, catering, food styling and instructing experience. She specializes in wholesome, delicious, scratch made food with a passion to share the love of food in a way that is relatable and real. Jen relishes in creating delectable cuisine. Her specializations include locally sourced food, fine and casual dining, European, Asian, Indian, and traditional American cuisines. Jen's culinary philosophy and passion reflect the growing trend towards a healthier and down-to-earth lifestyle. Her made from scratch food has warmed countless bellies and her successful career as a chef has allowed her the experience to understand food and it’s importance in our lives. She often found herself teaching friends and colleagues new skills and, in the classroom, discovered a passion in sharing her love of food and technique. Jen has been described by one of her students as the “least pretentious, most skilled, and most hilarious person in the kitchen.” As her focus narrowed to teaching, Jen taught classes at Sur La Table in Tampa, Florida. It was her experience with teaching these classes that solidified that her perfect place is in the classroom teaching others about the food which nourishes us all. Now, especially during the pandemic, she knows that developing your ability to nourish yourself is an indispensable skill. She hopes to make preparing food something relatable, enticing, and fun for all her students and to provide the Cook Wise Workshops community with an inspirational virtual space for continued culinary education for everyone from the budding young chef to the long-time home chef looking to hone their skill or explore new techniques. Jen is a homeschool mom to an awesome 11 year old, wife, and dog mom. You can most often find Jen in her home under the oaks, surrounded by plants, puttering in the kitchen, or out on her bike. Email: Phone: (727) 307-0068
Jose Manuel Discua Fuentes
Jose has been working with Heroic Health Group providing online camps and activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jose is also an instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu, teaching both kids and adults over 9 years. Over the past 3 years he has run Dungeons and Dragons, and GURPS games, running different genres of play from traditional fantasy to playing through popular movies such as Jurassic Park, and Friday the 13th. He is an amateur musician and knows how to play bass and guitar and likes producing original music.
Kelley Pitcher
I found a love for all things dirt, mud, and clay at a very young age, and have enjoyed being dirty ever since! I went to The Maine College of Art for a short time focusing on ceramics. After that I apprenticed for Wiltjer Pottery in Maine. I have worked with clay off and on for over 15 yrs., holding small workshops for children at a small private school, and selling my own pottery. I love sharing my passion! Playing with clay seems to put a smile on everyone's face!
Matthew Fahy
I began my pursuit understanding the human condition as an Anthropologist. After spending a number of years exploring and working on archeological sites, I returned to school and received a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Webster University. I strive to bring a distinctive blend of understanding psychology from a historical perspective which allows for some very insightful and creative approaches in my approach to education. My goal is to help others reach there goals and have fun! I am also passionate about youth development in Pinellas County. I am currently the president of Vargar Company, an organization dedicated to the education and betterment of all people through full-contact padded weapon combat simulation and games. I also serve as the vice-president of the Pinellas County 4-H Association, providing support for all 4-H clubs in Pinellas County.
Meka Taulbee
Meka has worked with kids of all ages since she was 15. She has a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Child Psychology and Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Counseling and mentoring in Dance. She is also a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in family wellness. She is a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. She is a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and Advanced Holistic Nutritionist. She dedicates herself to promoting health and fitness for sailors, sailing enthusiasts, youth and anyone with a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. She has a certification in Plant based nutrition from Cornell University as well. Her education also includes specialty certificates in: Plant Based Nutrition, Holistic Fitness, Yoga and Mind Body Healing, and Lower Body Strength and Stabilization. She has been a guest speaker for the US Sailing Leadership Forum, the trainer for the USF Sailing Team as well and the US National Optimist Team.
Melissa L Hanna
My name is Melissa Hanna. I have been a homeschooling mom for 6 years and have been teaching at homeschool co-ops for over 2 years now. For 3 years I have been teaching online with VIPKid and feel that the confidence I gained teaching online in China has helped me do my best to engage and involve students in the classroom locally. I do have a history degree from the University of Texas and find my most important job in being a history teacher is inspiring kids to LOVE history. Due to Covid, I began teaching online last Spring. I have found that the students are responding well to my energy and story-telling style. I believe if kids are interested in the stories, they will seek out more information and facts after class. It's that desire to know more that I encourage every class. Anyone can memorize...but the love of learning the "why it happened" makes us historians!! I like to lecture, discuss, and always welcome questions. My classes are relaxed and we don't take ourselves too seriously. But I encourage every student to practice speaking independently and asking questions to work on confidence in groups. Thank you for the opportunity to teach your kids!
Michael K. Lyman
Michael K. Lyman is a veteran of the armed forces with a degree in graphic design and provides online cartooning and drawing instruction to children ages twelve and up through home-school groups, regional art centers and private lessons. Students draw what they want to draw, focusing on areas where they want to improve, with no pressure to keep up, and students often learn from each other in a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere. Emphasis is placed on self-acceptance, stress reduction and nurturing the creative spirit.
Sara Norine
Sara Norine is a professional artist and teacher with over 20 years experience. Her supportive studio environment allows each artist to find their own voice while encouraging them to use more advanced processes and techniques. Art is a form of personal expression and practice leads to articulate expression of each human’s own experience and personal style. As a homeschool parent, her commitment to each student is long term. With 5 years of teaching in the homeschool community and many more ahead, Sara is committed to bringing new techniques and inspiration each semester.
Sunny Ebsary
I am a singer-songwriter who has been writing and teaching the art of songwriting to children and adults for the past eight years. I believe in the transformative communicative power of music and the importance of listening and sharing. I was homeschooled throughout my entire K-12 education and attended LOL as a child. I attended St. Petersburg College and received an Associates of Arts degree with honors.
Susan Embury
For Japanese: Susan Embury has traveled the world extensively, and spent a year living in Japan. While living there, she consistently took Japanese classes to improve her Japanese language skills. Susan has a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley, and a MS in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from London School of Economics. She also speaks fluent Portuguese and conversational Spanish. For Sex Ed: Susan Embury is a certified Our Whole Lives (OWL) sex education instructor in grades K-12. She has a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley, and a MS in Social Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from London School of Economics. She's bold and fearless, extremely comfortable in her skin, nonjudgmental, and quite matter-of-fact when it comes to discussing matters of human sexuality.
Tara Playford
Hi! My name is Tara. I am a Florida certified 6-12 math teacher. I have experience teaching Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry in a classroom. I know own LOVE Learning Center in Pinellas Park. My life goal is to find ways to make learning fun and interactive!
William Sanchez
William Sanchez is the creator of Amigos & Me. Learn Spanish with Señor Sanchez in a family friendly environment. We will use Total Physical Response and immersive learning to help students and parents practice conversation and proper pronunciation. This curriculum is geared towards 3rd grade and higher a Younger Age curriculum is also offered.