Aili Lei
Aili has worked as a part time Chinese teacher for four years since her family moved from China to FL. She used to work in a law firm after she graduated from an university with a master degree in law in China. With the love of children and passion for teaching, she is studying at SPC in major of Childhood Education. She has two boys, one is 8 years old and another is 2. In her class, she will apply different teaching methods, such as: singing, dancing, drawing, storytelling, to make children learn Chinese in an interesting way.
Alexandra Archipov
I am a teen student at LOL who has taken almost every art class offered for the past 7 years. I volunteer for the Morean Art Center's summer art camps and feature recycled fashion at Trashy Flashy, Trashion Fashion, and with Fashion Design at The Dali. I am involved with Roots and Shoots Pinellas and feel motivated by the ways we can impact our planet in a positive way. Art can be a powerful tool of expression and education and I hope to inspire students to know that they can make a difference.
Alexandra Small
Leslie University:Bachelor of science, Education Cambridge College: Master of Education
Andie Fisher
Andie has a bachelors degree in Marine Biology and Conservation, with a minor in Psychology from Bowling Green State University in northern Ohio. She has recently moved to Saint Petersburg to pursue a master’s degree in conservation biology from the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg, where she will be researching sea turtle behavior and management strategies. Through this program she teaches Biology labs at the university as a teaching assistant and has teaching experience as an undergrad. She also is a Biologist at a non-profit which conducts the sea turtle nesting patrols for the mid Pinellas County beaches. She loves to share her passion for marine science and STEM education, and engage the younger generation in these fields.  
Angel Lee
Angel Lee graduated from Eckerd College with a degree in Classical humanities- a degree made up of Archaeology, literature and history of the classical period. She than moved on and began teaching. She's taught grades preschool to twelfth grade. She taught high school for 8 years including journalism, yearbook, creative writing, humanities and English. Angel currently works for FLVS part time and also does photography part time. If she had free time she'd probably try to finish her novel!
Angelica Egozcue
Angelica has always had a love and passion for rhythm, making music and the well being of children. She believes that the joy and wonder that comes from experiencing a quality music program in early childhood is one of the most everlasting gifts a parent can give and share with their child. She is a graduate of music education and performance from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and has been a licensed Kindermusik educator since 2011. She has enjoyed teaching children to play drums, guitar and keyboard since 2005.
April Lane
April studied at FSU and USF earning degrees in philosophy, literature and education. She taught in the public school system for ten years before deciding to homeschool her own daughter. She is responsible for launching the newspaper production programs at various high schools which included every aspect of the process from conception to distribution. She also taught language arts, drama, and creative writing while sponsoring and coaching a number of extracurricular activities including dance team, cheerleading, guitar club, literary magazine, and student government.
Arp Laszlo
Arp Laszlo lives in Dunedin with his lovely wife Trisha & 4 always unschooled kids. He's an improv enthusiast who believes in sharing the joy of improv with as many people as possible. In his spare time he builds & markets online businesses.
Caleb Anderson
Caleb Anderson has been performing since the age of three. A natural on stage, he enjoys singing, dancing, acting, and playing instruments. Caleb has won many performance awards as a dancer and performed professionally as an actor at Busch Gardens, Tampa in the show Iceplorations. He has studied vocals with Linda Switzer and William Wade and performed with the Florida Lyric Opera. He is currently a dance instructor at Vibe Dance Center in Largo.
Dan McKeag
I have been an archery instructor for the last 28 years having learned the class while in college and then through Florida certification classes. I have a bachelor of arts degree in Physical Education and Health. and was and Athletic Director for 10 years and worked in schools for close to 20 years. My second career move was to work for the City of Seminole in the recreation field where I also worked for close to 20 years. I have always enjoyed working with young people and hope to continue as I teach Archery for Kidz
Doug Hatch
Doug is a Martial arts instructor with over 20 years of experience and several black belts in a number of martial arts. He has a wide variety of experience working with all ages and levels of fitness. He has served as the head instructor for years at a local martial arts school teaching adults(group & private lessons) and also run the children's programs. Doug has worked with local schools on their physical education programs. Having children of his own Doug understands the importance of well balanced,focused,self disciplined and well adjusted children. "One of my greatest joys is helping others reach their goals and make a positive difference in their lives."
Gina Giargente
I am a certified teacher, licensed in NY and FL and have been teaching hoop dance for 9 years. Hooping is for the mind, body and spirit and I love to share my passion for it.
Holly Gall
Holly is a homeschool mom who loves providing opportunities for kids to learn together through play. She believes in encouraging others to give back in small ways to jointly make a big difference.
Jennie Tunell
I am self taught photographer, who loves to use natural light. I love creating studio like photos with natural light. My website is
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson started dancing & acting in elementary school and eventually studied at the PCCA program at Gibbs High School. She has continued her training since then locally, and has taking many classes over the years at Broadway Dance Center in New York City and other miscellaneous conventions/workshops throughout the state and country. She is also a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor. In 2014 she opened Vibe Dance Center in Largo, offering classes in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, acrobatic, contemporary, lyrical, musical theater, and hip hop to all ages and abilities. Jessica has been a part of the homeschool community here in Pinellas County for almost 17 years and a part of the LOL community (formally SPCH) for about 13 years.
Karen Coletti
Karen Sun Ray Coletti is co-founder, instructor and performance director of, Hip Expressions Dance Studio in St. Petersburg and is an instructor at Vibe Dance Center in Largo. She has been dancing all of her life. She has studied the dances from many different parts of the world, such as Polynesia, the Middle East and Europe. Learning and teaching cultural dances has been her focus for many years. She finds great joy in learning about our world’s cultures and has been a part of LOL Families since 2007. She loves learning with the kids.
Karen Pankaew
Karen has a masters in biology focused on marine sciences. Currently, she is working on the beaches of Pinellas County to conserve sea turtles. Her research on sea turtle hatchling physiology has been published and featured on the National Geographic website. She has volunteered for many conservation organizations including Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation, Marine Animal Rescue Society, and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Her passions lay both in marine conservation and education. She has taught summer science camps, elementary school, adult biology labs, and tutored all ages over the past 25 years. Her academic background includes cognitive science and psychology. She believes every individual is a unique learner and prefers hands-on active instruction.
Kelley Pitcher
I found a love for all things dirt, mud, and clay at a very young age, and have enjoyed being dirty ever since! I went to The Maine College of Art for a short time focusing on ceramics. After that I apprenticed for Wiltjer Pottery in Maine. I have worked with clay off and on for over 15 yrs., holding small workshops for children at a small private school, and selling my own pottery. I love sharing my passion! Playing with clay seems to put a smile on everyone's face!
Matthew Fahy
I began my pursuit understanding the human condition as an Anthropologist. After spending a number of years exploring and working on archeological sites, I returned to school and received a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Webster University. I strive to bring a distinctive blend of understanding psychology from a historical perspective which allows for some very insightful and creative approaches in my approach to education. My goal is to help others reach there goals and have fun! I am also passionate about youth development in Pinellas County. I am currently the president of Vargar Company, an organization dedicated to the education and betterment of all people through full-contact padded weapon combat simulation and games. I also serve as the vice-president of the Pinellas County 4-H Association, providing support for all 4-H clubs in Pinellas County.
Meka Taulbee
Meka has worked with kids of all ages since she was 15. She has a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Child Psychology and Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Counseling and mentoring in Dance. She is also a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in family wellness. She is a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. She is a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and Advanced Holistic Nutritionist. She dedicates herself to promoting health and fitness for sailors, sailing enthusiasts, youth and anyone with a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. She has a certification in Plant based nutrition from Cornell University as well. Her education also includes specialty certificates in: Plant Based Nutrition, Holistic Fitness, Yoga and Mind Body Healing, and Lower Body Strength and Stabilization. She has been a guest speaker for the US Sailing Leadership Forum, the trainer for the USF Sailing Team as well and the US National Optimist Team.
Meli Piechocki-Gossy
Hey sweet tribe. I’m excited to give back to this beautiful community again this semester. Being a full time RV traveling Mama for nearly 7 years, with all of the side of the highway breakdowns, black tank floods, roof leaks, poor navigation getting us wedged in spots, solo parenting 3 boys, and Costco trips thrown in there (haa!) prompted my (rather desperate) want to find ways to quiet the noise filled mind and ground down into my center. The journey has been life changing and soul affirming. The opportunity to share some of this with our young ones, planting seeds that they can nourish throughout their own journeys, is an honor.
Melissa (Kobie) Pierce
I have been journaling for over 30 years, have now taught two journaling classes at LOL and teach at USF Tampa. I'm a homeschooling mom of a 13 year old.
Mike LeGath
I have been teaching woodcarving for over 6 years, mostly to groups of home school kids. I teach adults and small private groups at peoples' homes as well.
Mirah Robles
Mrs. Robles is a graduate of Florida Virtual School and St. Petersburg College. She has two children Teagan (age 6) and Felix (age 2) She’s been married to Stanley since she was 19. She has two guinea pigs and three dogs.
Raelin Anderson
Raelin Anderson has been dancing since before the age of two and has won several awards, scholarships, and titles. She has been a competitive dancer since the age of 3 and has traveled the country for competitions. She has trained in styles such as: ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, acrobatics, hip hop, kick-line, belly dance, poi spinning, and more. She is also a current member of the SafFire Djinnies, a fire dance troupe under the direction of our very own Karen Sun Ray Coletti. In addition to dance, she studies vocal, acting, and plays the ukulele and guitar. She has been demonstrating/assisting in dance classes for years and loves to share her passion for dance with students. She is currently in the teacher training program at Vibe Dance Center in Largo. Raelin has been homeschooled from the beginning and has been a part of the LOL community for almost her entire life. Raelin will be assisting with Acrobatics and will be teaching the Intro to Hip Hop class.
Renee Bloom
I have enjoyed instructing a variety of classes over three years in local homeschool groups. I have currently returned to college to branch out into robotics and engineering.
Rosalyn Scally
Rosalyn "Rosy" Scally is an artist and illustrator who specializes in drawing using various mediums including pencil, charcoal, ink and pastels. She also paints with watercolors and acrylics, and enjoys combining her artistic and creative writing talents to create comic books. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Florida. For the past 7 years, Rosy has taught art to local youth in Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg through Family Resources Youth Enrichment Program (formerly Youth Arts Corps). Classes she has taught at LOL Families include Drawing Mythological Creatures, 'Tooning, and Portraiture. She believes the arts are indispensable as an outlet for creative expression, as well as a way to develop mental flexibility and critical thinking skills that help kids excel in other areas of study.
Rose Wandstrat
I have been training in ballet for 12 years. I have studied under former Vagonova academy students. And taken numerous master classes from Moscow Ballets professional dancers. I have worked as a teaching assistant for Pinellas School of Dance, and assisted backstage for their yearly recitals. Prior classes at LOL have included "Junior crime stoppers" a forensic science class and "story explore" a book club.
Rylan Paul
Hello! My name is Rylan and have been unschooled all of my life. We just settled down in St Pete after living full time on the road for over 7 years. It was such an incredible adventure. I was introduced to YuGiOh from a friend while on the road, and I have loved it ever since. I've been playing for over 7 years, enjoy official tournaments on the weekends, and I'm really excited to share this awesome game with others.
Sara Norine
Sara Norine is a professional artist and teacher with over 20 years experience. Her supportive studio environment allows each artist to find their own voice while encouraging them to use more advanced processes and techniques. Art is a form of personal expression and practice leads to articulate expression of each human’s own experience and personal style. As a homeschool parent, her commitment to each student is long term. With 5 years of teaching in the homeschool community and many more ahead, Sara is committed to bringing new techniques and inspiration each semester.
Sarah Palm
Sarah has a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She worked in cancer diagnosis for 3 years and was a Pre-Med student. She left the program when she realized the modern health system couldn't fix the problems caused by modern lifestyles, and instead dedicated her life to caring for the earth and the people. She has spent the last 7 years studying evolutionary medicine, volunteering as a health coach, growing and foraging her own food, and raising babies. A few years ago she started a Forest School meetup to get kids outdoors to explore the natural world. Sarah has foraged wild plants since age 7, and fondly remembers the adults that mentored her and encouraged her love of nature.
Shauna Beasley
Ms. Beasley provides an engaging curriculum and a nurturing environment for all students to grow and express their creativity. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics with concentrations in Computer Engineering, Literature Studies, and Geology from Auburn University and considers herself a lifelong learner. Ms. Beasley is a certified K-12 teacher with endorsements in Gifted and ELL. She is also Level 3 International Baccalaureate trained and has coached FIRST LEGO League robotics teams since 2006. Ms. Beasley considers teaching and mentoring students her life work and to that end she works passionately to help each individual student realize their full potential from a constructivist educational philosophy and a whole child development perspective.
Shelley Hawkinson
Shelley taught PE in the Pinellas County Schools for 5 years before resigning to be a stay-at-home mom. She has competed nationally with horses, mountain biking, and triathlons, and then after a couple years of bootcamp style training, Shelley discovered Crossfit, which she has been studying and training with the last 5 years. Shelley currently holds a bachelor's degree in Physical Education, a master's degree in Adaptive Physical Education, and certifications for Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Masters, and USA Weight Lifting & Sport Coaching. After a back injury from overtraining, Shelley became very passionate about Yoga, as it became a critical component of her recovery. She has completed the 200 hour TT and is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher. Shelley is determined to spread her passion for fitness and health to others, and is determined to not let age slow her down.
Tommy Bell
Tommy Bell has been making art and music all of his life and teaching both since 1984. He has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Ringling School of Art & Design, where he majored in painting and taught their summer art camp to high school students. Tommy works full-time as a professional musician and a standup comedian throughout Florida and New York City. This is his fourth year teaching at LOL.
Zeke Pierce
Zeke is a 13 year old with experience as a summer camp counselor, has leadership training and has been making balloon art since age 6.
Zoë Giargente
Hi! I'm Zoë Giargente. I'm 15 years old, and my passion is music. I play guitar, ukulele, drums, and sing. I have 3 younger siblings and 5 pets. I have taught singing classes for the last two semesters, and I can't wait for this one!