introduction to balisong flipping

Instructor: Oliver Rosen

Ages: 9-11, 12-18

Course Cost: 40

Payment Options: Cash, CheckĀ 

If Check Payable To: Oliver S Rosen

Course Description:

hi my name is Oliver and I am 13 years old and i have been balisong flipping for 3 years i will teach you the basics of balisong flipping and maybe some history on balisong flipping students will learn a variety of tricks and trick lines(that is putting the tricks together) students will not be provided with a balisong they will have to bring their own. also i recommend all beginners use a a dull blade i use a dull blade too i will provide links down below to some balisong knifes for 10 dollars or less . A butterfly knife, also known as a Balisong, fan knife or Batangas knife, is a type of folding pocketknife that originated in the Philippines. Unlike the normal balisong, the balisong is not generally used for performing tricks, known as “flipping”, as the handles and blade maintain.