Jen Stewart

Jen Stewart is a professional chef with 24 years of restaurant, catering, food styling and instructing experience. She specializes in wholesome, delicious, scratch made food with a passion to share the love of food in a way that is relatable and real.

Jen relishes in creating delectable cuisine. Her specializations include locally sourced food, fine and casual dining, European, Asian, Indian, and traditional American cuisines. Jen’s culinary philosophy and passion reflect the growing trend towards a healthier and down-to-earth lifestyle. Her made from scratch food has warmed countless bellies and her successful career as a chef has allowed her the experience to understand food and it’s importance in our lives.

She often found herself teaching friends and colleagues new skills and, in the classroom, discovered a passion in sharing her love of food and technique. Jen has been described by one of her students as the “least pretentious, most skilled, and most hilarious person in the kitchen.” As her focus narrowed to teaching, Jen taught classes at Sur La Table in Tampa, Florida. It was her experience with teaching these classes that solidified that her perfect place is in the classroom teaching others about the food which nourishes us all.

Now, especially during the pandemic, she knows that developing your ability to nourish yourself is an indispensable skill. She hopes to make preparing food something relatable, enticing, and fun for all her students and to provide the Cook Wise Workshops community with an inspirational virtual space for continued culinary education for everyone from the budding young chef to the long-time home chef looking to hone their skill or explore new techniques.

Jen is a homeschool mom to an awesome 11 year old, wife, and dog mom. You can most often find Jen in her home under the oaks, surrounded by plants, puttering in the kitchen, or out on her bike.
Email: Phone: (727) 307-0068