LOL Families Handbook

Love of Learning Families is a secular open minded community of homeschooling families in the Tampa Bay area. We strive for tolerance, respect, and friendship for our children and ourselves. We are supportive of attachment parenting and natural family living, and we welcome families of all faiths and cultures and are an LGBTQ+ embracing community. We are a cooperative of parents that coordinate classes for our children to supplement and enrich the learning that you do at home. You can sign up for one class or up to 5 classes a semester. (This is not a drop off program so you do need to be on property with your child at all times.)


We currently meet at Eagle Lake Park on Thursdays from 10-3 for in person classes as well as offering virtual classes throughout the week.  


Our Facebook page is used for communication, and we maintain a separate closed group for families currently participating in the cooperative for that semester.


The guidelines and policies stated here were formed by the Admin team to ensure the safety our members and the respectful use of our rented facility.  The Admin team reserves the right to alter or add to these policies as needed. The Admin team also reserves the right to deny membership in or access to LOL Families coop, coop functions and online forums owned by LOL Families at any time to any one, for reasons including but not limited to disciplinary action, child related criminal investigations or convictions, or bad karma.  



The fee to participate in the cooperative is $25.00 per registered family per semester. This covers our rent, insurance and other expenses.
The registration link can be found on our website mentioned above, and you can pay with paypal or by check. Once we have received payment for your $25 registration fee per family, then we will send you a link so that you can register for classes. Please write the e-mail address you want the link sent to on your check. That check will be cashed immediately and is not refundable.  You can send checks to:


LOL Families

1171 Bluffs Circle

Dunedin, Fl 34698


It is important to register your entire family with LOL Families. Younger siblings who are not taking classes still need to be registered for insurance purposes even if they are under a year old. So please list all children when registering for classes.




Parental and Student Agreement


For the cooperative to function effectively, LOL Families depends on all members to contribute to the group through contribution and participation. By participating in the various aspects of the operation of LOL Families, membership ensures that the policies and management of LOL Families reflect the needs and desires of our community. For this reason, we ask that our members agree to the terms of the following commitment.


  1. Pay a $25 registration fee.
  2. Pay any fees associated with classes that are attended by children and/or parents before the first day of class.
  3. Pay teachers promptly (half payments due week 1, half due week 6) and directly.
  4. Parents must be present on property or arrange for their children to be under the care of a trusted adult. If for any reason you cannot come to LOL Families with your children you can make arrangements with another parent to take responsibility for your children. You will need to sign a form at the front desk that states who you are turning responsibility over to. Children not participating in classes, but are present, must be under the supervision of their parent or a trusted adult.
  5. Maintain the order and cleanliness of the facility.
  6. Review and abide by the LOL Families Member Code of Conduct. Review and discuss the Code of Conduct with children.
  7. Review and abide by LOL Families Health and Safety Manual.


  1. Teachers: These individuals give of their time by sharing their gift and love of teaching with our children. We ask that all teachers, along with the assistance of parents help in maintaining the cleanliness of classrooms.
  2. Maintain professional confidentiality with regard to any information about a specific child’s development, family situations, and the like.


LOL Families Member Code of Conduct

Attending a home schooling cooperative is a privilege in which we are all happy to share. LOL Families wants to create an environment that embraces these character traits: respect, responsibility, safety and attentiveness. Families are actively involved and responsible for their own learning. Families must show respect to themselves and to others as well as the Boys and Girls Club facility, which we are very lucky to use.  

Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times, or maintaining frequent check ins and know where they are at all times.  We understand with multiple children this is a challenge and so we ask that as a group, we share responsibility for ensuring the safety of our kids and respectful use of the Boys and Girls property.  If you see anyone engaging in destructive or dangerous behaviors, please stop them, and find a parent or administrator if more intervention is needed.

While in attendance at LOL or LOL sponsored events, all members should behave with honesty and Integrity and show respect to other students, teachers, parents and admin staff.

We will maintain a non-hostile space, free of sexual harassment. A hostile environment is one in which unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature creates an uncomfortable environment for any student or parent. Examples of this conduct include sexually explicit talk, sexually provocative photographs, hostile language or inappropriate touching. We have children of all ages in attendance in a public space and inappropriate materials or conversation will not be tolerated at LOL or LOL sponsored events.


**For the last three semesters we have been in our temporary outdoor home at Eagle Lake Park.  This location gives us the opportunity to meet in person in a way that felt safer while we were figuring out how to live life and run a coop during a pandemic.  Some of the policies below pertain to our old home in Boys and Girls Club.  While we are hopeful to be back inside walls soon, the intent of the policies below remain true and applicable to our current location.  Respect the park and the trees, structures and facilities within it.  Do not make a mess in the pavilions and bathrooms, and if you see a mess, let an admin know immediately.  Watch your babies, and everyone else’s, stop any unsafe behavior you see gently.  Do not swim in the lakes. 

There are some rules below that we are happy apply only to Boys and Girls however.  You can be barefoot in the park!  You can skateboard and bike and scooter as much as you want!  You do not have to leave the park as soon as coop is over!  You can bring your pets as long as they are leashed and well behaved, you can eat wherever you like, you can chew gum (just don’t stick it to the picnic tables!). You can climb trees as long as you don’t hurt them.  You can RUN!  The hot tub is still for children 12 and over though.  


We have access to the building from 9am to 1:30pm on Thursdays.  The time between end of classes at 1:10 and 1:30 is for our cleaning volunteers to ready the building to return for use by Boys and Girls Club.  We ask if you do not have cleaning duties that you vacate the building at that time. We encourage an “unofficial” 6th period at the park across the street, and you are welcome to hang out there.


Below are basic conditions we will all share while at LOL Families.

1.It is unacceptable to use inappropriate or hurtful language.

  1. It is unacceptable to hit or kick or give unwanted touching.
  2. We will be respectful of the indoor and outdoor facilities.
  3. We will be respectful of the other humans in our cooperative, parents are encouraged to gently help their children solve conflicts without yelling, shaming or punishing.
  4. Please clean up after yourselves and take all belonging on your way out the door so that they are ready for Boys and Girls Club to use after we vacate the building at 1:10p.m.
  5. Please park across the street near the ball field, or in the parking lot by the bleachers. AVOID parking along the sidewalks/curbs in front of the Boys and Girls Club building.  The police will ticket you if they find any part of your car on the curbs.
  6. Although we know it is very tempting for children to leave the facility and cross the street to the playground during LOL Families we want to seriously discourage it. There have been several kids hit crossing the street at this spot. A crosswalk was installed on this street due to the accidents in the area. Please use the crosswalk OR walk across with your children for everyone’s safety. Children also need to stay on the sidewalks and out of the parking lot.
  7.  All feet must wear shoes, excepting very tiny babies and feet in casts.
  8. As tempting as it is, please ask your children not to climb trees on the premises or the fences on the field/playground.  Yes, we know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Find a gate or door anyway.
  9. No pets are allowed into Boys and Girls Club without approval.
  10. Please keep all food and drinks inside the main common area or outside at the picnic tables. Feel free to bring blankets or camping chairs to sit on outside for lunch.
  11. Please be sure to pick up any trash on the playground that has been left behind.      Encourage the kids to do the same.
  12. No smoking or vaping allowed on the premises. 
  13. Boys and Girls Club does not allow gum in their building.
  14. Please escort children under 6 back and forth to classes in the art annex.
  15. Classes are not to be disrupted by children or anyone not in class.  Some of our classrooms are open to common areas, and we ask that if you use the common space, you are aware of and respect the fact that a class may be in progress.
  16. Please be aware and help your children be aware that there area all ages of humans in our coop, small ones and big ones, and we want everyone to be safe and have the ability to have fun.  Let your older ones be aware of small ones in the gym and field, and keep small ones away from active games of tag or kickball.
  17. The field and gym areas may or may not be available for play depending on class use and teacher preference.  
  18. Children are not allowed access to the kitchen area without adult supervision.
  19. Use of the hot tub is limited to children over age 12.
  20. All facility tables/chairs/projects and other items should be put back as found at the start of the day after every class.  We want to leave the building exactly as we found it, maybe even a little cleaner.


As a member of LOL Families we ask that families (adults and children) conduct themselves in a kind and helpful manner toward all individuals. If any rude, vulgar, aggressive or violent behavior is reported to LOL Families Administrative team it will be documented and discussed with the Administrative team as a whole. Witnesses will be contacted for written statements and the details of the event will not be discussed outside of the Administrative team. If the violation involves any threatening physical contact or threatening behavior the offender will be suspended from attending LOL families classes and events until the Administrative team has had an opportunity to meet and review the details of the incident. These types of behaviors will not be tolerated and could be cause for immediate dismissal. Registration and class fees will not be refunded.  


Discipline Procedures for LOL Families/Children  
1.If a teacher or parent has seen something inappropriate, he/she will discuss the matter with the student and/or parent.

  1. If the behavior is disrupting class, the teacher may ask the student to leave.
  2. If a student’s behavior does not improve, the teacher may ask the parent to remove the student from the class. Class fee will not be refunded. In these extreme circumstances, the family will still be considered part of the LOL Families and the child may stay in their other classes at the discretion of the LOL Families Administrative team.

LOL Families Health and Safety Manual

Dear Cooperative Families–

In the pages below are guidelines for health, safety, and security at LOL Families. Please note that communication and common sense judgment are of utmost importance. Incidents may happen and sometimes, can be prevented. The goal of the Health and Safety Manual is to maintain and promote the health and safety of our children, parents, and teachers at the Cooperative.


The Health and Safety Manual outlines procedures for reporting and managing illnesses, injuries and other incidents. It includes an Evacuation Plan, a Lightning/Severe Weather Plan, a Fire Safety Plan, a Fire Drill Procedure, and an Emergency Response Plan.


Parents at LOL Families run the cooperative together. Thus, safety and health are the joint efforts of the teachers, parents and caregivers. Everyone’s cooperation is needed to guarantee that we are as healthy and as safe as possible. Problems and potential problems need to be addressed in a timely manner to maximize safety and prevent accidents and incidents.


LOL Families encourages communication. If you have an idea to improve safety, please contact members of the Administrative team or the Parent Liason. We want everyone – students, teachers and families to be safe and healthy at the Cooperative.


Fire Emergency Evacuation Instructions:

In the event of a fire or unknown situation or emergency, dial 911.


Fire Alarm and Emergency Procedure/Safe Area/Meeting Place:

When you hear the fire alarm at the cooperative, always assume that there is a fire or emergency, and safely exit the buildings. When the alarm goes off, leave the classrooms, lounge, courtyard, and patio. Use the safest exit. Proceed to the fence on the Girls Inc. property (across the side street in between Boys and Girls Club and Girl’s Inc.). Students who are in class should stay with their teacher who will escort them to meet their parents or caregivers at the evacuation site.


Fire drills ensure that in a real emergency, everyone will be able to vacate the buildings safely and meet at the evacuation site.


Lightning/Severe Weather Plan

Postpone outdoor activities if thunderstorms are likely to occur. If you can hear thunder, then you are close enough to be in danger from lightning. If thunder roars, go indoors!

If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, take shelter inside a classroom. The National Weather Service recommends staying inside for at least 30 minutes after the last thunderclap.


Tornado Watch/Warning Procedure

A tornado watch means that weather conditions are favorable for a tornado to form. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted in the area and cover must be taken immediately. In the event of a tornado warning, adults and children is in front of the cube shelves and all the way along to the cafeteria. Everyone must remain in the safe space until the all clear has been given.

First Aid Kits

There is a first aid kit located at the front desk.




Visitors are only allowed when accompanied by a parent or caregiver of a student at the cooperative. Visitors are to sign in. Visitors may not be left alone with children.


Child Abuse

As required under Section 39.201 Florida Statutes, the first obligation of any adult in Florida is to immediately report any incidence of known or suspected sexual or other abuse to the Department of Children and Families’ central abuse hotline on the single statewide toll-free telephone number 1-800-962-2873.

We require all teachers over the age of 18 to complete a NCSI (Level 1) Background Check as well as an online abuse prevention training.


Building and Equipment Maintenance and Safety

Any safety threat or concerns to children, families, or teachers must be reported to a member of the Administrative team so that LOL Families can assess and assist in solving the safety concern. Any broken or unsafe equipment or furniture must be reported to a member of the administrative team so it can be repaired or replaced.


Hazardous Materials: All Hazardous Materials must be placed out of reach of children at all times.


Health Care Policy

Prevention is important. LOL Families encourages frequent hand washing to prevent the spread of illnesses. Adults should assist children with hand washing if necessary. 

Communicable Disease & Illness Protocol
A communicable disease is an illness transmitted through contact with microorganisms.
People, surfaces, and air can all be carriers of the microorganisms that pass infectious
illnesses from one host to the next. The exchange of fluids or contact with a
contaminated substance or individual may be enough to allow a communicable disease
to spread. LOL Families follows the same guidelines and the Pinellas County School
System The communicable diseases that could potentially cause great difficulty for our
families with infants, immune disorders or other conditions are listed below.

A Quick Reference Guide for Parents
• Please keep your child home from LOL if he or she has one of the conditions or
illnesses listed below.
• Most of the conditions and illnesses are reportable to the Health Department during
outbreaks only. Illnesses noted (*) are reportable for single cases
Conjunctivitis (Pink-eye) Children who have pink or red eyes with white or yellow
discharge- often with matted eyelids after sleep and eye pain or redness of the eyelids
or skin surrounding the eye may have Conjunctivitis. They should be excluded from LOL
while symptomatic.Children with pink eyes who have a clear, watery discharge without
fever, eye pain, or eyelid redness do not need to be kept home.
Fifth Disease (Erythema infectiosum) The primary symptom of this illness is a rash,
characterized by “slapped face” appearance and there is no specified exclusion for
cases. Pregnant women and immune-compromised persons should seek medical
Head Lice Children should be excluded from LOL if they are experiencing head
scratching and live lice or nits are present.
Hepatitis A* Children should be excluded until one week after the onset of jaundice or
Influenza-Like-Illness Children with fever, cough and/or sore throat should be
excluded until symptoms resolved.
Measles* Children with fever, reddened eyes, runny nose, cough, dusky-red blotchy
rash on day 3 or 4, should be excluded until 4 days after onset of rash.
Meningitis* Bacterial/Viral – Children experiencing high fever, headache, and stiff neck
should be excluded until recovered. ‘Bacterial Meningitis is immediately reportable
to Health Department
Mononucleosis Exclusion recommended until a medical note to return to school and/or
resume physical activities is required.
Mumps* Initially excluded. Children may return 5 days after the onset of parotid gland
Pertussis* Children should be excluded until 5 days of appropriate antibiotic therapy,
with a note from the healthcare provider.
Rubella (German Measles)* Initially excluded. Child should remain at home until 6
days after onset of rash, with a note from the healthcare provider.
Scabies Children with this condition should remain out of school until 24 hours after
application of appropriate scabicidal treatment has been completed.
Staphylococcal or streptococcal skin infections, (includes MRSA) Exclude children
from LOL whose lesions cannot be covered. If lesion can be covered exclude from
contact sports only.
Impetigo- May return 24 hours after treatment started, but areas/sores must remain
Streptococcal pharyngitis (strep throat) Children can return to LOL 24 hours after
starting antibiotic treatment if there is no fever.
Tinea Capitis (Ringworm of the scalp) Children must be excluded from LOLuntil an
oral antifungal treatment is initiated.
Tinea Corporis (Ringworm of the body) Children should be excluded from LOL until
an oral or topical antifungal treatment is initiated, unless the affected area can be
completely covered.
Tuberculosis* Children with this condition must be excluded from LOL until the local
health department and treating physician state that the student is noninfectious.
Varicella (Chickenpox)* Children should be excluded from LOL until all lesions have
dried and crusted (usually 7 days/1 week after the onset of the rash).
Varicella Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Keep children home who have
lesions/sores/blisters that cannot be covered. Child may return to school once all
lesions are dried/crusted.

LOL Exclusion List indicates for which illnesses a child must be excluded from,
or kept out of, LOL. It also indicates when medical notes are necessary for children to
return to school after certain illnesses.Exclusion Criteria Based Upon Sign and

Fever Exclude if oral temp is 100 or above, or if axillary/tympanic temp is greater than
Vomiting Exclude if vomiting 2 or more times in 24-hour period. Exclude for the
following day unless vomiting is known to be caused by a condition that is not
Diarrhea Exclude if two or more loose stools in 24-hour period. Return to school when
24 hours pass without diarrheal stool.
Diarrhea with blood or mucous Exclude with 1 or more loose stools with blood or
Localized skin infection Exclude from contact sports. Exclude from LOL only if lesion
cannot be covered until medical clearance is given.
Generalized rash of unknown origin Exclude until rash is resolved or medical
clearance is given.

A child or family member should not attend until at least 24 hours after they are
clear of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or fever WITHOUT medication.

**If LOL Admin sees anyone attending with any of these symptoms you will be
asked to leave.**

Announcing Communicable Disease – If you have a communicable disease that has
been confirmed by a doctor and you would like us to share that information with LOL
Families we will forward the information via e-mail to all families registered within a
given semester once we have received a note from the doctor. We will never release
the name of teachers or families so please do not ask us to do so. If you have put two
and two together we ask that you respect the privacy of the families involved and keep
that to yourself.

Please continue to use your best judgement about illnesses in general- The best
way to avoid spreading illness among our community is to practice due diligence by
washing your hands with soap and water and sneezing or coughing into your sleeve.
Hand sanitizer will be available at the front desk and bathrooms.
Please feel free to give a heads up yourself via Facebook to LOL Families if your family
is out with the flu or out with one of the communicable diseases listed above as a
friendly heads up. We offer the option above for those families who want to remain

Exceptions – we will make exceptions to the rule if we feel that it is in the best interest
of LOL Families.

Make up days – if for any reason we have to cancel classes due to a large number of
teachers or families being out sick we will attempt to offer a make up day at our current
facility, however, it will not always be possible to reserve space. It will be up to each
individual teacher to resolve this with the parents in a way that works best for their
class. Please understand that these circumstances are out of their control.


Medical Emergencies

If a child or adult experiences symptoms that signify an emergency call 911

911 will be called if a child or adult: Is not breathing, is unconscious, is unable to walk, is having seizures, is bleeding heavily, has a head injury, has a serious allergic reaction.

Only adults trained in First Aid and CPR should supervise all first aid procedures.


Incident/Accident Report Guidelines

After a child or adult is tended to, a teacher or parent who was present or close to an injury or accident should document the incident on an incident report form. Incident report forms are on file at the Sign In desk.



Parents or guardians of children with severe or life threatening allergies must inform LOL Families. This includes children with asthma. LOL Families is not responsible for families that bring in nuts or seeds.