LOL Little Learners

Instructor: Danielle Beloso

Ages: 3-5

Course Cost: $80 for semester, $20 supply fee; $10 weekly drop-in fee

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal:

If Check Payable To: Danielle Beloso

Course Description:

Calling all the LOL Littlest Learners among us to have their chance to join in on the co-op day fun!! This class will begin with grounding the children in the day and class with a circle time that includes songs and rhymes we will recite each week. We will follow circle time with an organized whole body movement activity/game (running, dancing, jumping, rolling – you name it!)! The fun will continue as we gather together for story-time and an accompanying craft/art project! Last, we’ll close our time together with a parting circle song. (*Age range is flexible, if you think your kiddo will enjoy this class send them my way! Parents can use your judgement on if you are needed to remain with your child and we can see how it goes!)