Math Everywhere

Instructor: Blue Earth Research Group

Ages: 9-11

$100 + $30 Materials

Blue Earth Research Group brings the excitement and fun in math through activities and projects that highlight that math is all around us. Students will run their own business, prescribe medicine, play baseball, learn about statistics, as well as make homemade ice cream. Students will need web enabled devices for some classes. The class curriculum includes:
• Run a pizza shop for the day: establish your budget (multiplication and decimals), order your ingredients. Will you have a profit at the end of the day?
• Be an architect for a day: use measurements, multiplication, and geometry to design your own home .
• Keep the lights on: use multiplication and decimals to find out how much electricity it takes to run your house?
• Math in the kitchen: make your own ice cream, calculate proportions for different size groups, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
• Plan a theme park vacation: do you have enough money in your budget for admission, gas, food, and hotels?
• How do polls work? Let’s see what your classmates think? Then we’ll communicate your results in graphs.
• Be a doctor for the day: measure your patient’s heart rate. Use proportions to calculate how much aspirin to prescribe a baby?
• Play baseball and use long division to calculate your batting average.
• Fractions and patterns in music: learn to play a song on the recorder.
• Shop ‘til you drop: run a cash register, take payment, and make change

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