Minecraft Ed: Intro to High School Sciences

Instructor: Sarie Shabetai/ Love Learning

Ages: 12-18

Course Cost: $120

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo, ZelleĀ 

If Paypal: thelovecamp@gmail.com
If Venmo: @tara-florence
If Check Payable To: The Love Camp
If Zelle: thelovecamp@gmail.com

Course Description:

Explore select topics from high school biology and chemistry through Minecraft Education. This class is for students who are preparing to take or currently taking high school science classes. Take a walk through a human heart and learn the structure of proteins. This Minecraft Education class is sure to bring out your teenager’s love of science!

If you are using Gardiner funds, send your Gardiner ID to lovelearningfl@gmail.com