Junior Marine Explorers

Instructor: Andie Fisher / Karen Pankaew

Ages: 6-8

Course Cost: $110

Payment Instructions: to

Course Description:

Blue Earth Research Group brings the wonder of the marine environment to you through exciting activities and labs to stimulate appreciation of marine organisms and how our world interacts with their world. This Fall we will focus on the coral reef ecosystem and highlight the life cycles and biology of sea turtles and dolphins. Interactive activities will bring an understanding of anatomy, food webs, survival, and threats to these ecosystems and animals. Optional field trips offered at an additional cost. These include excursions to Mote Marine Aquarium and dolphin watch tour guided by your instructor. The class curriculum includes:
• Introduction to sea turtles found in Florida’s waters: basic sea turtle anatomy and nesting activities
• Lesson on sea turtle adaptations, diets, and threats: examination of skulls and species specific diets activities
• Sea turtle human interactions and threats: sea turtle rehabilitation activity
• Introduction of tropical coral reef ecosystems and their importance to our oceans: coral construction activity
• Common reef animals in Florida, interrelationships between organisms, special adaptations, and food webs: reef animal hunt and bubble coral spawning activities
• Introduction to mollusks: shell bingo activity
• Survey of different marine mammals around the world: marine mammal lengths and two by two comparison of mammals activities
• Dolphin anatomy and behavior activities
• Dolphin adaptations activities: blubber lab and echolocation group activity to find prey
• Be a scientist: paper squid and buoyancy experiments
Curriculum may be adjusted due to resource availability.