Online Role Play Gaming – Mondays

Instructor: Jose Fuentes for Heroic Health Group

Ages: 9-11

Course Cost: 120

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal 

If Paypal:

If Check Payable To: Heroic Health Group

Course Description:

Online Role Play Gaming – Mondays
Mondays • 3:00 – 6 pm
Instructor: Jose Fuentes
Ages: 8 and up
Max. # of students: 6
Class Cost: $10 per class, drop in possible, contact Mr. Jose
Send PayPal payment to
Please note student name and class in payment.
The Band of the Phoenix – known mercenaries and bounty hunters of great fame and skill. Known as fierce warriors, and shrewd business people they take on the most difficult and risky of quests, at extravagant cost. You and your party have recently been initiated as the newest recruits and are preparing for your first mission through the gates of Kaos, portals that lead to other cities, distant mountains, and some say other planes of existence. But that can’t possibly be true. Can it? It’s up to you to find out.