Paleo Art

Instructor: Rosalyn Scally

Ages: 9-Adult


Paleoart is a studio art class that revolves around drawing pictures of prehistoric life. Most of the creatures the students will be drawing are extinct. Scientists can only guess at what these creatures may have looked like from studying fossils, imprints, dna fragments, and their modern descendants. Paleoartists take information from the latest paleontological digs and bring the scientists’ theories to life on paper. Students will look at aspects of living creatures and the skeletal structures of prehistoric creatures, and create their own interpretations of what they think these animals may have looked like when they were alive. In order to draw background environments for their creatures, they will also learn about prehistoric habitats and flora, which were different than what exists today. I’ll go over how to draw the basic body shapes of each creature using simple geometric shapes that the students can embellish with their own details.

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