Project TikTok

Instructor: Raelin Anderson

Ages: 9-11, 12-18

Course Cost: 100

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo 

If Paypal:
If Venmo: raelinmakenna04, cashapp raelinmakenna04

Course Description:

This class is a fun and SAFE way to enjoy TikTok! We will learn some of the popular dances – like the RENEGADE – as well as make up our own! Not a dancer? Don’t let that stop you from joining the fun! There’s so much you can do on TikTok … tell a joke, play an instrument, sing a song, do a trick, cook, exercise, YOU NAME IT! If you have a passion for something (ANYTHING) and/or a skill or talent that you want to share then this is the class for you! Let’s get creative and see what we can come up with.

The first few weeks we’ll learn some popular TikTok dances and discuss/view some other favorites that showcase different skills/talents. We’ll also learn more about the platform: The basics of posting – editing, tagging, captions, SAFETY, etc. What is an algorithm and what does that have to do with TikTok? (See parents? This is educational!) How do popular creators “blow up” so quickly? We’ll discuss project ideas and settle on a group project for everyone that will most likely be movement/dance related (but we will find something for non-dancers to do if they do NOT want to dance). The rest of the semester will focus on our group project and individual projects you would like to create on your own.

I’ll be running a group TikTok account just for this class and participants can run their own accounts with the help of their parents or manage their own if they’re old enough. Having your own account is not required for participation in this class.

***TikTok accounts are for ages 13 and up and the age for this class is recommended for 9 and up. I welcome students of any age if they are excited to create and can follow along. If we view some TikTok examples, I will do my best to keep them all clean and appropriate, but this is a social media platform that has content of all kinds. Anyone under 13 years should definitely have parental supervision and/or permission to use the app.***