Teacher Registration

PLEASE READ: Starting Fall 2020 teachers will be responsible for collecting their own payments. Please add in your course description what type of options you offer for payment. cash, check, venmo- xyz@gmail.com. The payment schedule will remain the same, with payments being due on week 2. Parents will be instructed to hand payments directly to you on or before the second week of classes.

Teacher Registration
Since we have been having so many class submissions from students, we have decided to apply some guidelines for student teachers and their class submissions.

All student teachers of a paid class who have not taught a class at LOL in a prior semester, or are teaching an overlapping age group, will be required to have direct, in-classroom supervision by a parent or mentor.

Student teachers with teaching experience and admin approval who's class age range is below their own may lead class independently, as long as a parent or mentor is available for assistance as needed.

Student teachers will be limited to one class per semester.

Class submissions of a "club" variety with no or minimal fee are exempt from these guidelines, although indoor classroom space may not be available. We will do our best to find space for Clubs to meet.