Teen Improv

Instructor: Aubrey Laszlo

Ages: 12-18

Course Cost: $120

Payment Instructions: Cash to

Course Description:

Historically improv comedy is an offshoot of theater.
It started based on ‘Theater games’ (games used to teach actors)
It was never meant to be funny, or be as groundbreaking as it was and is.
But it turns out Improving in a scene with strange rules (the game) is pretty funny already.
And if you’re aiming to amplify that comedy, well… let’s just say i’ll pay to see it.
Aside from that it helps build many useful skills. From acting & team building, to learning to speak & act freely. I think it’s pretty great, and it’s had a pretty big impact on me over the years.

If you wanna see what type of thing we’ll be doing just watch a few clips from the show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’