The Cold War – Spies, Double Agents and Assassins

Instructor: Alexandra Small

Ages: 9-11, 12-18, Adult

Course Cost: $120

Payment Options: Cash, CheckĀ 

If Check Payable To: Alexandra Small

Course Description:

The Cold War began as WWII was ending. It was a war of “intelligence.” This meant gathering information about the enemy through any means possible…clandestine meetings, intercepts and clever listening devices. It involved an intricate network of spies, secret agents, assassins, double agents and espionage. It fed the “red scare”and gave unfettered power to the CIA, FBI and KGB. Who were the spies and what were the secret weapons? U-2 spy planes-Alger Hiss-The Rosenbergs -Sputnik. Who was “Top Hat?” Intrigue and danger were hiding in every dark corner. Fast forward to the future and the world of espionage continues.