The Colorful History of Cuisine 6-9 year olds

Instructor: Melissa Hanna

Ages: 6-8, 9-11

Course Cost: 90

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Course Description:

Come travel the world and study history with me…through food! We will tackle a new food or industry each week. By studying these foods we will learn about history, culture and people from many different countries and time periods. One week is reserved for studying strange or unusual jobs people have had in the food industry throughout history. We will study ancient history to discuss rice and bread. We will study more modern history when we dive into the story of fast food. We will learn the diverse history of noodles, pizza and pie! The list goes on and on. Many of the weeks students will be offered samples of the food we are learning about. I will always substitute vegan and gluten free options when possible to make sure everyone has the ability to enjoy the treats. Students can of course decline to sample any food they do not wish to try.
As always, my ages for class are a suggestion based on the content and conversations that we have in class. This class is designed for those students at the elementary learning level. I do not assign homework but I will at times give your child the opportunity to research or learn more outside of class if they so choose.
I am setting up a field trip to a local chocolatier where we will learn hands on from bean to bar. This will be an optional field trip outside of co-op classes.
My class will be mostly lecture style with many opportunities for conversation and questions. I use a more casual learning environment that encourages students to love history and leaves them wanting to learn more! I have been teaching both online and in person for several years now. My degree is in history and my passion is helping students love to learn! I hope to see you in class this Fall!!