The March of the Zapotec – Pre-Hispanic History of the Central Oaxacan Valley in Mexico

Instructor: Trä Hitt

Ages: 9-11, 12-18, Adult

Course Cost: $85

Payment Instructions: Paypal, Venmo to 727-378-2372

Course Description:

Over the course of 50 miles and 2,000 years, we will trace the migration of the Zapotec (and to a lesser extent, the Mixtec an Aztec) peoples through the Central Valley of Oaxaca. It all sounds boring until we do this live (virtually, although any and all of you are welcome to come visit) from the tops of 2500 year old ruins, in markets that have been in place for longer than anyone can remember, in villages that have created wood carving art for thousands of years, through to the last stand of the Zapotec against Spanish Conquistadors in city that has always been named (aptly) the City of the Dead (Mitla). Join me live via zoom video conferencing every Thursday as we explore and learn together just who the Zapotecs were, how they lived, ate, interacted with other cultures, and learn traditional art that has moved from museums to Coco. Although the course is “virtual”, it is designed and intended to be a live, interactive learning adventure using video conferencing. Parents are encouraged to attend also, but be warned, this course will cause you to question everything your history teachers taught you… (Course includes materials to create an alebrije, traditional Mexican chocolate drink and probably more 🙂 )