Trading For Fun & Profit

Instructor: Ryan Hartman

Ages: 12-18, Adult

Course Cost: 20

Payment Options: Paypal 

If Paypal:

Course Description:

This course introduces the basics of trading financial assets such as Stocks, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies. While some time will be spent on psychology and theory, the focus will be on showing students “how” to enter and exit trades profitably using “price action” and basic technical analysis. We will use a popular, free online charting platform to “paper trade,” so the experience will feel sort of like playing a (geeky) video game for students. After the fundamentals are learned, we’ll have a “paper trading contest” over the final few weeks of the course. (Prizes to be awarded for first 3 places.)

Students would benefit from having a laptop or tablet at class, but this is not a requirement.
(Concepts introduced in class can be implemented and practiced at home by following supplemental videos provided by instructor.)