Where Did the Time Go?

Instructor: Cathi Leverenz

Ages: Adult

Course Cost: $115 ( See instructions in description)

Payment Options: Cash, CheckĀ 

If Check Payable To: Catherine Leverenz

Course Description:

It’s easy for us to tell ourselves we’ll do everything we want to do one day…when we’re not so busy. But when we have the time, it can still feel so hard to get stuff done. Why does it seem like one minute the day’s just beginning, then the next minute it’s over? Why does it feel somehow harder to do stuff the more free time you have? Maybe the real issue has nothing to do with how much time you have but is rooted in something much deeper.

This class is intended for those who struggle to make effective use of blocks of unstructured time, both large and small, and tend to put things off indefinitely (or at least as long as possible!). The focus of the class is to learn how to use your time more effectively, decide what it is that you want to do, and establish new habits that can help you to actually DO those things. We will cover achieving goals, taking care of things you know you should do (but don’t), and making time for doing stuff you love.

Weekly writing exercises will be emailed to participants and are intended to help you learn more about yourself – what you do well, what you can improve on, what might be blocking you from doing more and what techniques will work best for you.