History Detectives: Mysteries, Conspiracy Theories and Unexplained Phenomena: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Instructor: Alexandra Small

Ages: 9-11, 12-18

Course Cost: $120

Course Description:

Everyone loves a good mystery. Bigfoot is an American legend with numerous ‘sightings’ throughout history. A report of a crash of a flying saucer and its extraterrestrial passengers has made Roswell, New Mexico famous. Are ancient aliens among us? Are UFO’s real or a figment of over-active imaginations. And what about ghosts? Why are conspiracy theories so compelling? Is the Illuminati running the world? What really happened to the USS Liberty and the USS Cyclops? What about the Bermuda Triangle and Ouija boards? Is spontaneous human combustion and mind-over-matter real? And why, after all the evidence, are we still not sure who killed JFK? History Detectives will review the evidence and use critical thinking skills determine what’s real, what’s not, and what may forever remain a mystery.