Teen Improv

Instructor: Mosi laszlo


Course Cost: $120

Course Description:

Improv comedy is about making funny stuff up on the spot to make people laugh. But at its heart, it’s about communication, confidence, and teamwork. We learn to listen to our fellow players and support our teammates. These skills always manifest outside of class too.

Our class is a safe, supportive place where we can play freely and without judgement. We learn how to be funny by listening to others and by being ourselves – without trying to be funny. We do this with exercises, games and scenes that

1) improve our listening skills 2) improve our communication skills and 3) improve our comfort & confidence.

This class is for teens and adults who: enjoy being silly; like making people laugh; like laughing; want to improve their communication skills; want to increase their self-confidence; want to able to think and respond faster; or just want to have some fun.

This semester will culminate in a performance at showcase. Classes will be fun but focused as we keep our semester-long goal in mind.